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01 April 2011

Caramelized Make Up Tutorial by Majolica Majorca!

Hey! It's April! Wohoo !! =)
I am going to make April a Fashion month for my blog.
I will blog more about dress, make up, hair, shopping, etc this month!
Anyway! Let's start with my newest make up range! ^^v
Remember The Sugary Trap Work Shop by Majolica Majorca?
I am here to share about what I have learned from the work shop

Let start from the base.
I applied this Skin Lingerie Pore Cover
It's a make up base that conceals pores perfectly for porcelain doll skin.
It even contains SPF20.PA+ !!

It's pretty good and light. However, I still prefer BB cream over this.
It does make my skin flawless but the coverage wasn't strong enough.
In addition, I afraid that it will clog pores.
Don't use this if you are lazy to clear your make up thoroughly.
Use this if you want long lasting and perfect make up =)

Next is this powder foundation.
In this case, I use my own powder foundation by The Body Shop

After powder foundation, you can use this press pore cover!
It's pretty good. It is used for setting up your make up base.
It looks pretty light and fair.
The colour is actually transparent just like loose powder!

Ok This is the exciting part! Eye make up!

BR631 Caramelisee

The gold/silver/redish brown/yellow pearl
Those are roasted caramel colour!

Step 1
Use colour one and apply it on inner corner of eye
(to create brighter eye effect)
and below eyebrow (to create higher brow effect).

Step 2
Use colour 2 and spread generously on eyelid as base colour.

Step 3
Blend in shadow colour 3 from outer eye area to center of eyelid.

Step 4
Use colour 4 as an eye liner to create bigger eyes effect.

After that, to make your eyes even sharper and bigger,
use Creamy Pencil Liner !

It's available in black (BK 999) and brown (BK 661)

In this case, I used brown creamy liner pencil!

Last step for the eyes, their best selling mascara!

Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo.

Perspiration, oil, tear and water proof!

New coil and fine comb wand.

One side for lengthening and another side for voluming.

If you notice, it contains very fine feather too.

Here's my eye make up (mascara before and after).

These are the product used.

The highlight product for The Chapter 30- The Sugary Trap!

Their new macaroon range blushes!

Vanilla, Strawberry, Peach and Apricot

This is 82 vanilla! It's actually used for highlighting.

I definitely recommend this!

For my make up, I used OR302 Apricot! - Orangee colour blush

Lastly, the lipgloss !

OR240 Tangerin Jam

BE 145 Fallen Angel II PK

PK 242 Rich Strawberry Syrup

PK 143 Blossom Bud

I love the packaging!

For my make up, I only used two colour..

Blossom bud and Fallen Angel

Hola! This is my overall make up.

I call it the Caramelized Honey Make up! =P

Close up and flash!

Without flash!

I personally LOVE this make up so much.

You love it? =D

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