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08 April 2011

The Body Shop and The Face Shop Haul

The Body Shop Promotion (End 17th April)
Buy 2 get 1 free
Buy 4 get 2 free
Based on the lowest price items

Tips! Buy items that have similar pricing.
Eg. $25, $25 and $25
= 75 - 25 = 50 !! save $25 !

If you buy $25, $25 and $15
= 65 -15 = 50 you only save $15 !

In fact, this is not a great deal still.
After calculating, I can only save about 20%-30% the most.

Yeaps Buy TheBodyShop product only when they are on 20-30% promo!
or you'll cry. Believe me!

Yes I always do calculation before buying. =D
But still ! I always ended up buying too much when I am in the shop.
Average check when I visit the body shop is abt $130-$150 !!

Their tactic is fabulous! I knew it and I am still buying it lol
They will usually encourage BULK buying
Promo such as buy 4 get 2 free, $30 get one stamp, $80 get a free gift, etc are EVIL.

Just imagine myself.
I was only planning to buy my Vit E toner and Pillow mist!
total money that I was planning to spend was only 50 bucks !
Then I walk into the shop.
Owh..There is a $80 free gift promo!
Ok maybe I add another item..
Vit E toner, Pillow mist, A bronze = total yay! $80 !

Omg! buy 4 get 2 free and I only have 3 items..
Ok. Maybe I pick another item..
Vit E toner, Pillow mist, A bronze and a BB cream !
I got 4 stamps, I got the free gift, I got the best promo deal buy 4 get 2 free..

At the counter ! *shock*
Initially I was planning to spend only $50 remember?
and now, the total check is mad $140 !!!
Kill me! =(

Lesson of the day.
Ask your friend to buy it for you or just bring limited cash when visit.
Do not bring you cards!
There is too much temptation in the stores !!

Btw, that Dior lipstick belongs to mum!
It has been 'out of stock' for a period of time and luckily I found it!

Next is TheBodyShop sister, TheFaceShop.
Hahaha I don't think there's any relation between this 2 shop though..
As what I understood, TheFaceShop is originally from Korea?
Anyway! I bought some nail polishes from them

Nail Dot Pen is amazing!
I will talk more about it in the future...

They are having a promotion too.
For a total of $80 you get a free gift.
(aha! similar to TBS.)
I am not familiar with their product though.
So I skipped this!

At the counter, when I was about to pay for my nail polishes,
the salesgirl offers me MASKS.
I can't resist masks! Hahaha 3pcs for $10.
So ...uwala! picture explained =D

I have changed my mind.
I don't want a daughter! It's too expensive to own a daughter!
Kidding! I still want a daughter because, I want to spend money together with her.
=D *think too much*

I am so happy to be a woman!
And of course thanks to my parent, so I can buy anything I want!
On the other hand, thanks to MYSELF for being so smart !
Hahaha recently I earned some money for shopping too !
I am a Happy lil girl =D

Dear Irene,
You shouldn't be blogging now!

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  1. may i know the price of dior lip glow?


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