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19 March 2011

The White Dog Cafe - Vivo City

Thanks to C&C group.
I was invited to attend a focus group organized by them yesterday.
The reason and purpose of me attending the session was..
I am a marketing student!
I learned about research method in my course before
Focus group is one of the methods and I am curious! =)
I would like to experience it. So, I went down and joined them.

I was late for the session =P
Fortunately I can still catch up with it.
Upon arriving, Janice offer me a menu book.
I've not mention that the event was held in
Vivo City - The White Dog Cafe!

A doggy puppy themed cafe hihihi look at the pups !!
so cute! =)

This is my drink Twister - Sour sop + float drink! love it!

A peri" chicken =) It was good too hohoho...

The session was started with some surveys

and followed by some chatting sessions!

It was so fun to throw opinion and suggestion (Haha)

Yes I love to talk lol. Btw, I met some new friends too.

I was so happy that two of them actually read my blog before hehehe..

Yes, you only see my food in this pic below,

because I was late, remember?

Hahaha most of them have finished eating lol

Can you spot the dalmatian polka dot box? extremely cute!

They served mainly western food =)

Last but not least, some products sponsored by C&C group.

Have a great Saturday Night kay!


  1. what a name of the cafe, suppose this is what creative and being in is all about.

  2. yeaps the food is nice too =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!