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29 March 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show at Orchard on The Earth Hour Day!

Don't be scared by this ghoshie pic of mine.
Hahaha maximum pale, dark eye circle, fatty face.
Ok whatever you can describe! lol

This is taken on 26 March 2011 - Earth Hour Day!
The day when I went to Orchard for Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show.
I am glad to be invited by Paragon! however, we were late! lol
It was so crowded that I gave up to get inside it.

Danny was with us. He was sitting on the front seat =D

I love awesome, high class looking and clean taxi!

Magazines were provided for us too! =)

Ring of the day! I love it!

Limited edition supercar-inspired Vertu Ascent Ferrari GT

I love the dresses !!

Anyway! So here we are at the Paragon!

Decided to snap some pictures and go =P

After from Paragon, we went to have our lunch!
Resto Surabaya - Lucky Plaza

Awesome smashes chicken!
But I still prefer grilled chicken though =P

Perfect combination with Nasi Uduk!

Indonesian Drink - Jeruk Peras, Soda Gembira, Teh sosro!

Then move on to Ngee Ann City!
We spotted fresh SAKURA !!

I thought, maybe we should take some pictures
Since we are not likely be in Japan in next 2-3 years
+ It's the most popular and rare sakura species ! - Somei Yoshino

Muahaha he's fatter yes! =P

On the evening at about 8.30pm
there was an Earth hour countdown event happening at wisma atria

It's cool as the light of most of the malls' nearby were deemed or turned off!

How did you celebrate the Earth Hour?

We should love our earth MORE! It's our home!

Pic source: Orchard Road FB

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