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08 March 2011

Seoul Garden Singapore

Thanks to Seoul Garden!

We had sumptuous dinner buffet during the weekend! wohoo!

Btw, this is my new shade and shirt. I love it!

Can you spot me?

Wide spread of buffet!

Main- meat meat meat and MEAT !!

I personally love spicy flavored meat.

E.g: Tom yum, Curry or Sze chuan!

Yay! let's start bbq-ing and steamboat-ing!

Hihihi =D His bro and him were there too.

Really happy as we had complimentary meal wohoo!

I started with their readily-cooked food.

I love both fried rice and fried noodle! yummeh!

Look at that string of noodle?

They don't like chilli and garlic and those are my MUST-HAVE ingredients.

So that, they do it to make sure that I don't cross that line (WTH!?)


I love prawns!

(I bet my mum will call me after seeing this pic)

"Ailing bu yaou chi xia !!!!!"

Ok ailing is my chinese name..damn china hahaha..

Ailing= Irene (same!) =P

Ups back to the point..

According to ah-bu prawn is a poisonous seafood - bad for skin

I am experiencing terrible skin condition now.

I should avoid that. But...

Sorry lo.. Next time I skip prawn ok? =PPP

Sweet thing for the last!


He said, he wanted es koteng (cheng thng)

and I just mixed which ever fruit that has nice colour.

Hahaha who cares? =P

My attempt to do chendol - fail too Hahaha..

Yam ice cream and brownies =D

We had so much fun ! Thanks Seoul Garden!


Seoul Garden Singapore

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