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15 March 2011

Random dot Irene dot Com

Dear Irene.
*applauding* Fab. Marketing tactics =p

Before I cut my fringe.

Aha! played The Chicken game in MBS =p

Tried my best to have something healthy
to balance with the spicy McWing. =X

Recent Shopping..

I saved $89.60 yay!

Formula One 2011 - Singapore Grand Prix, Anyone?

Early Bird Price List whoo! Expensive! =)

Have been using this mask before sleep.
Love More - Rose Crystal and Tourmaline
Moisture and Lifting mask!

I am very sleepy now.
I am supposed to finish my assignment by last Saturday.
Delay. Delay. Delay. No choice.
I have to finish it nao nao nao ! T-T
Meeting tomorrow is at 10.30 am.
I hope I can sleep a bit after I am done with it.
I'll do it NOW and sleep asap.
Sigh! I deserved it. =(

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