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05 March 2011

PUMA Social Launch Party 2011 - BluJaz Cafe


It was my pleasure to be invited by Puma to their Launch of

"Puma Social Club!" Party! =)

The event was held at Bali Lane - BluJaz Cafe!

Tada! This is me before going out...

Btw I was wearing my geo-lens! =D

with him the B.F.L =)

My outfit of the day!

I looks like Zoo Keeper! Hahaha..

I love my hair color ! =D

My caption for this photo

"You though you are on the Bus?"


Before going UP to the party,

We had our dinner at BluJaz restaurant first

It was located at its 1st floor!

The theme of the restaurant was Muzeum!

Hohoho look at all of the antiques!

They have various type of menus!

His Kebab dish!

I love the fries! He love the meat.

and my Mee Goreng!

Super delicious! I'll definitely go and eat that again =)

Overall the food was awesome!

Look at his pose! Hahaha =P

The restaurant was divided into 2-3 section.

This is one of them. The interior was very classy!

After dinner we went up!

Party time!? NOT YET

hahaha remember we just had our dinner? lol

Relax and rest a bit first =P

After hour Athlete Party!

It's actually a global campaign that first rolled-out in Los Angeles, London

and now! finally Singapore!

Puma Social advocates "after hour" social activities and games

one play off the fields when sun goes down.

Here's to 5am cabs not 5am runs!

We were given two Puma Social Card.

A media press kit and a Puma USB thumb drive!
Thanks Puma!

I saw some celebrities and famous bloggers at the party! =)

Picture source: Puma Facebook

The stage!

To be honest,

I think, it'd be much better if the event was held in a more spacious venue =)

Here's the MC of the day! =)

Are you ready for the games?

The crowd!

We were waiting for our drink! =)

My mango lassie and his Lychee Martini!

Now, let's have some fun!

I also want to play! Huahuahua..

We need to play in order to get stamp!

"Got The Balls?" game!

Btw May was there too. (luckily)

She played all the games with me!

I hate him! HE refused to play with me (HUH)

The more stamps we collected, the more benefits we will get.

Such as: final party ticket, puma watch, etc.

We were like two idiots hahaha..

We don't even know how to start the ball.

Omg shame on us! ckckck..

But surprisingly I won most of the game though..

Hahaha winner gets 3 stamps yay!

It was a fun night. I enjoyed the game!


Bf and I

Three of us

May and I

I am really happy that she was there too =D

We left at about 11pm? yeah..

That's it for Puma Social Club Party!

You might want to follow the "Puma Social Club Tour"

Date: Sat 19th March (9pm)
Venue: PUMA store (Ion Orchard)

Date: 1st April (10:30pm)
Venue: PLAY club

Date: 8th April (10:30pm)
Venue: The Butter Factory

Date: 9th April (9pm)
Venue: Limited Edition Store, Marina Bay Sands

The Finale Party
(By Invitation Only)
Date: 21st April (8pm)
Venue: Old School.

Now! Collect your balls and have fun!

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