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14 March 2011

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant and Gnomeo & Juliet Movie!

Last weekend, all of us were free!
My bro and his bros were on holiday. He's jobless and I have nothing to do.
So, we decided to go for a MOVIE !
At that time, we do not have any movie in our mind.
We visited to check out for the latest movie.

Then, I suggested to watch "The great great world"
as a lot of people commented that it is a good movie.
But, he didn't agree with it.
He wanted to watch Unknown or Gnomeo and Juliet, which I don't want to.
At the end, we decided to draw lots instead.

These were what he wrote on the paper..
Muahahaha...The ***** world MUAHAHA wth!

And guess who was the one who draw it?
Tada ! our baby! Gucci ! Hahahaa...Yes to be fair !
He is the most suitable person (yes person) to draw it.
Note: He almost swallow the paper muahaha..

And so...Gucci choosed...

Gnomeo and Juliet ! Muahaha...
which I don't mind to watch.
At least, it's something entertaining =P
The movie is actually another version of Romeo and Juliet.
Pretty funny thought. It's good to watch if you are a fans of cartoon.
If not, you will fall asleep as what he did.

Before the movie, we went to have Nanxiang Xiao Long Bao !

Btw, we went to Dhoby Ghaut - Plaza Singapura to hang out.

While waiting...

The interior of the restaurant

Mamamiah!! I love xiao long bao!
Imagine me drinking the hot soup that spilled out from the xlb! heavenly!

-Crab roe and pork filling steamed bun-

Next item is...
The King-sized Crab Roe Soup steamed bun-

Caution! Hot Hot...

Since this is their popular dish,
Here is ME demonstrating the slurping part ckck..

Half way through, I's too slow to drink it through a straw..
and so I ripped the XLB off ! Hahaha...

Look at the crab roe! (egg of crab)

Muahaha I know I am so unglam!
I am not a woman! dad said so! =P

Next are all the veggies and meat dishes we ordered.
Trust me - EVERYTHING were NICE !!
We will definitely visit there again.

-My favorite salted egg yolk prawn-

-Fresh poached cod fish with scallion oil-

- Home made bean curd -

- Stir Fried baby french bean -

-Braised Lion Head-


- Total check was about $100+ -
This will be my 2nd favorite restaurant after Pu Tien and Paradise Inn.
Dian xiao er is nice too.
Hahaha I can't decide.

I highly recommend these four Chinese restaurant.
Their food are really good.

That's it for my review.
The Blogger - Miss Rene signing off =D

-My geeky and sleepy look-

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