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17 March 2011

Majolica Majorca "The Sugary Trap" Workshop

I attended Majolica Majorca "The Sugary Trap" Workshop yesterday.
It was located at The Orchard Building
1 Grange Road Just in front of Cineleisure.

Pale ME.
Muahaha I have been feeling unwell, exhausted and tired these day.
Always sleep LATE LATE LATE.
I miss him =(

Guess what?
Majolica Majorca is actually under the same company with

" Majolica Majorca "

The story is actually about a bird.
She was a small and normal bird.
The bird loved beautiful things
and she always wished she could become beautiful too.

Each day she searched and searched for feathers
that were beautiful or unusual and adorned on her body.
Before she knew it,
the bird has become strangely attractive and fascinating.

The goddess of beauty had watched this,
she felt admiration for the bird's courage and creativity.
The goddess chanted a spell " MAJORLICA MAJORCA!"
Then a wonderful thing happened.


That is the legend of the brand Majolica Majorca!

The bird logo that you see on every product is taken
from the legend of the bird who adorned herself with beauty feathers.
The logo embodies the spirit of "Majolica Majorca"
which admires and supports the efforts of girls
who aspire to become beautiful through make up.

I am extremely in love with make up products
that have pretty lacey packaging like this!
How creative! They always have story behind all of their product!
It goes by Chapter.

Anyway! so here's the workshop!

I was invited by Cleo and Majolica Majorca.

The event is actually about their latest product..

Chapter 30
"The Sugary Trap"

The series is actually a lil bit different from their past chapter.
This time round, they introduced something sweet
instead of Gothic or Mysterious.

Look at the decoration!
How can I stop taking picture of it =)

Can you spot the macaroon?

Let's get closer.
These are the highlight product of their Sugary Trap range.

The theme of these blushes are MACAROON!

-Peach, Strawberry, Apricot and Vanilla -

aw pink!

Everything is so Princessey!

I want that cage! =P

The workshop started at about 7.30pm.
The make up guru was Wilson.
He's funny, friendly and helpful.

We get to hands-on too!

Before we start, we need to clear our make up.
I was a bit shy.
I never remove make up in a public place like this. =P

These are the tools given to us.


Tada ! All of products that was prepared specially for us.

I learnt some tips from the workshop and I had fun!
Met a new friend too. She was Amy! She's a sweet girl.
Anyway! Stay tune!
I will do a make up tutorial very soon. =)

"Majolica Majorca!"
Fulfills all your wishes


  1. such a nice post!!i wish i can be there

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  3. I love Majolica Majorca because I am loyal Sheseido haha! =p Most of my make up sets are from MM :) I love their auto eye liner and their designs are cute! :)


Thanks for your lovely comment!