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15 March 2011


Real love is all about...


This was how I got cheated convinced by him and how he cheated convinced me innocently.
Let me try to translate. I hope you can understand.

"To be honest with you,
I always managed to date all the girls that I like. Without fail.
Unfortunately, you rejected me! I feel sad.
At the same time, I try to make myself happier.
However, no matter how you treated me,
I never feel like to give up.
These are honest, from the bottom of my heart."

He passes that piece of paper to me during the class when we were still in high school.
 So DRAMA right =)


A vintage picture of us 5 years ago.
On the day when we finally got together 28 December 2006
I knew it. It's so unglamorous to kiss in front of the camera!
Hahaha forgive me. I was just a teenager =_="

5 year ago, we had a plan.
We promised each other to settle down on 11/11/2011.
However, don't take this seriously. I think we were just joking =)

Sharing and Celebrating!

My Birthday gifts from him.
I remembered that dad booked the whole venue for me to held
My sweet seventeen party! Anyway! Here is a video!

Apparently, he has a lot of supporter on the floor! Hahaha

Btw, really sorry. My friends are very noisy! Hahaha I miss all my friends back in Indonesia! =D

See that tank of roses?
Muahaha I laughed at him for almost a week!
That was my first experience ever, to receive roses, that is in a TANK! Muahahaha..

Me: What is this?
Him : The person said this is the latest packaging. She said it's very popular now.
Me : MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! Can I put some fish inside? =P

Valentine 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
It has been 5 years! =D

Love is all about sharing and caring.
I am happy that he has been always with me on my special day.

Respecting and Sacrificing

Sacrifice is one of the keys to maintain a relationship. However, we are unsure about it.

Will you sacrifice your blog for him? Maybe No.
Will you sacrifice your football match for her? Maybe No.

We might not be good in sacrificing but We RESPECT each others' hobbies and interests.

Laughing together and Have Fun!

Life is short.
We should play, we should have fun, we should celebrate!

Wanna have some sake? hohoho..
The thing that I love about being with him is that, He always makes me laugh! =)

Growing up Together..

We graduated from the high school together.
We sat together for three consecutive year during high school.
Yes we were class mate and I miss the old days!
After that, we moved to overseas to further study.

I was with him when he graduated.

He was with me when I graduated.

We are not normal but we are Professional !
Time to dress up and we are ready for the world!

Loving and Caring For Each Other

Family shoot! Click!

I care about him. He care about me. We care about Gucci.

Gucci is actually a present from him.

We got him in 2008, on my 19 years old birthday!
He's three years old this year and he's just like our baby! Hahaha..

I guess, he is also one of the reasons that motivated us to stay together.

That's it for our journey as per today. To be continued..

Last but not least

Real love stories Never Have Endings


  1. So sweet ^_^

  2. This is so sweet! Keep it out! It's been 5 years, and it's really the time to settle time, babe. hehe.. All the best. :)

  3. I mean keep it up, my dear. haha. pardon me!

  4. Rene, you inspired me to make an album as well ;) I've been together for 8,5 years with William, but had long distance for 4 years, so, yeah.. not really lots of memories :( Anyways, when I'm back in Batam, definitely looking for our vintage photos and make an album :) Thanks ..

    Hope your relationship long last till the end :P

  5. Hi Michelle! 8.5 years w/ long distance to it..It must be a tough journey. =) Good luck!

  6. This is really sweet omg!

  7. irene i totally heart ur entry! very sweet and touching! :) stay happy and blissful okay? *winks winks*

    hope u're doing well now!

    AH QIAO (Qiao Lin) :)

  8. Hey QL ! Thank you so much for dropping by =) I am doing great now hihihi...I hope you too ^^

  9. This is amazing. I want to fall in love too =)

  10. this is sooo heart warming!! :) keep it up irene!

  11. Saw your link @ Nuffnang when I submitted mine :)

    Congrats on your love journey! Well written & best of luck on your win :)

  12. Good luck to you pretty babes ! =)

  13. Thanks blackswan. =) I hope I will win too.. Hihihi..Thanks for all the comments.

  14. You are lucky and I envy you.


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