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07 March 2011

Let's talk about BOOBS =D

Dear Boobs, Good day!

It feels like such a long time (this morning)
since the last time I saw you
(during shower) =_=".
What have you been doing? Life's good?

Anyway, I just had to write this letter to let you know
how you've been impacting my life.
Firstly, you are pretty heavy! Mum said, I always put you on the table.
Ex-intern colleagues noticed that too. Which I think I did =_=".
Let me know if you are okay with it. I know table is pretty tough.
I'll buy a cushion for you if you really need it. Muahaha.
Next, I admire you. You've been v.famous since when I was in the high school.
People described you before me. See!? you are popular!
You makes me proud when I have my dresses, tubes or anything sexy on!
In fact, other boobs envy you too!
However, sometimes I feel shame, shy and tired because of you.
When I travel by public transportation, I have to protect you.
There is a lot of threat out there,
which I think your friend (other boobs) needs to be becareful too!
You are fragile! so troublesome duh!
Next is, even though I am wearing S size top,
I have no choice!
but to increase it to size M or L because of you. Thanks! =(
Hey ya! Btw, Gucci wants me to send you his best regards.
He loves you! He feels comfortable resting on you. (OMG hahaha)
Lastly, I want to say I love you. I really do! I can't imagine my life without you.
I promised. I'll bring you to some spas soon! (after exam and everything ok?)

By the way, I bought some accessories for you. I got these when I went back to Indonesia last week.

They are not cheap!

it costs around Rp 180.000 to Rp 280.000,-

I want you to know I love you! =D

-Pierre Cardin and Young Heart-

I hope they fit on you nicely.

I think you'll love it because I love it so much! so cute right I know!

Chandelier, black and purple !

A lil monster!

I will keep the tag! It's too cute to throw it away! =P

Laces and pink ribbon.

Hot and Soft PINK!!! =D

See!! you are as lucky as me! Always got free gift! Hahaha..

-Pierre Cardin Calendar-

That's to you again okay!
Take care babe!

Irene Tan (Gucci''s Mum)

Note: This post is only for FUN. Nothing porn or negative here!
I didn't write all these for the purpose of showing off my boobs.
In fact, every girls have it. Nothing special.
I am a normal human being just like any other.
Since world is going to end soon (well, the movie 2012 said so!
I think I should cherish everything thats with me (including my boobs)
She's alive! pamper you boobs today!
Hahaha I knew it I sounds insane. Something is wrong with me LOL
Muahaha..Lastly and again! This post is only for FUN!
Have a great day!

Btw all bras above can be found in Matahari and Golden truly in Indonesia.
I guess you can find it in OG, BHG, Tangs, Metro, etc in Singapore too.

Wear your bra correctly =) make sure she's comfortable down there.


  1. LOL this is a cute post!

  2. Hahaha thanks I hope you enjoy it =D

  3. HAHA, you really post it! This is really a funny post but I love it. Keep it up, Rene. =D


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