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23 March 2011

KOI Cafe Review - Singapore!

Yeaps. I guess Singaporean are familiar with KOI! =)

For those who are overseas, such as Indonesia and Malaysia

may not be aware that.. It's actually a Bubble Tea Cafe!

They are not having any sales or promotion.

It's just that people are randomly QUEUING up for TEA! Aha..TEA! lol

Sometimes I wonder why!? Why are these people so addicted to TEA?

And I wonder why I joined the queue too LOL

Hahaha I decided to queue because

when I passed by, I was the second person in the queue!!

*rare occasion* usually it would have 10 or more people queuing!

Like this!

Hohoho luckily, I only waited for less than 5 mins for 3 cups of tea.
That's reasonable.
If I need to queue for 15 or more mins..for a TEA,
I would think TWICE! lol

KOI is actually originally from Taiwan!
Never heard that they are popular in Taiwan though..

You can choose the sugar level!
Full, Less, Half, Quarter or No Sugar!

I drank Gong Cha before (yeaps KOI competitor) click here

I ordered my Gong Cha at 50% sugar level.

It was almost bland =_=" Not sweet AT ALL.

So I though KOI will be the same.

I was WRONG! KOI is much sweeter.

50% is pretty sweet -just nice!

and I can't imagine it at 100% sugar level lol

They should call it "mad sweet level" lol

Anyway, here's their menu..

.click the picture to enlarge.

Current favorite Grass Jelly Milk Tea !!

I love the combination of it.

Btw, it's quite expensive! $ 3.5 for a SMALL cup of it lol

Not really small though..I took 2 hour to finish it. Hahaha..

I enjoy chewing the grass jelly =)

Next time when you visit Singapore, you can try it too!

It's available in..

Marine Parade, Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Iluma,

People's Park, Toa Payoh, Clementi, Orchard and etc



  1. I don't know why but clementi branch one taste sucks! Bugis one taste better..perhaps there is smth wrong with my tongue but it has such a big/huge diff. in taste!

  2. Try Ovaltine Milk Tea :))

  3. ovaltine is milo kind of drink right? is that nice? chocolate milk and tea? hihihi I will try =)

  4. Yea kinda like milo, niceee! People said Hazelnut MilkTea also nice but I never tried hahaha.


Thanks for your lovely comment!