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12 March 2011

Just Do It !

Let's spend our saving on shopping, spas and holiday.
I want a Dior Bag!
I want to have some luxury spas
I want to go to HK or Macau.

Let's Hug, Kiss and Tell our Family that we love them!

Thanks Papa for working so hard for us.
You are our HERO PAPA! I love you papa! =D

Thanks Mama for taking care of us.
Thank you SO MUCH for your tender love.
You are the greatest person in my life. I love you mama!

Thanks MEME for sharing all the make up and dresses with me.
Even though we didn't really talk much these day,
I still want you to know I love you!

Thanks DIDI for the laughter, for the good times that we shared.
I love you!


Next thing is to...Get Married ! Aww...
I am 22 this year and 23 next year !
OMG I am getting old and older THAT fast that I didn't realize it.

You have to watch this! So sweet!
How I hope I can have one too.. =(

Be Famous! Ehemp! =P

If today is the end of the world,
I'll bring my Gucci with me, I'll hug him tightly and I'll protect him.
I want him to know.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life.
Thank you so much for all the joy and happiness you've given me.
You are the cutest, most loyal and naughtiest creature in this world. =)

Even though sometimes you are really bad,
Even though sometimes you bite me,
Even though sometimes you bark at me,

I still love you
just like how you love me.

When I am angry at you, you will come and kiss me.
When someone attack me, you will protect me.
When I have nothing to do, you will play with me
When I am sick, you will stay by my side.
When I need to get water from the kitchen in the middle of the night,
you will accompany me, no matter how tired you are.
When I am not home yet, you will wait for me.

I promised, I'll do the same thing to you.
I know you love me and
I want you to know I love you too! =)

Lastly, the not-so-important thing! =P
I'll tell him
"I love you Cintaaa and can you kindly please die with me muahaha!!
I don't want and afraid to be alone in the coffin >_<

Do it before it's too late. =)
We are only about 9 months away from 2012 !! Ahrrrrr !!!

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