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21 March 2011

Instant snacks! Easier, Faster and Healthier !

When you want some snacks and you are lazy to fry it and wash it!

Oven- baked them all !! Muahaha..

It's healthier too! (ok in fact snacks are never healthy!)

But it's healthier because there's NO OIL involved!

Valley Chef Sausages - Our favorite sausage!

Spicy Nugget and Bacon! - All of these can be found in Fairprice

Place your bacon on the top of the sausages. Why?

Because the fat of the bacon will drip down and

sausage is good to be baked in wet/oily condition.

Owala! Easy and Tasty! =D HOT !!!

The spicy nugget doesn't taste spicy though.

It has green chilli taste but not spicy!

Anyway, I still love it! =)

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