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06 March 2011

Healthy meal tutorial - Easy!

Days ago, I went to Eu Yan Sang with some of my school friends.

We went to the outlet at Clementi Mall

Purpose: Project! Hohoho..

The service was good. Staff was friendly.

We were even served with dang gui soup. lol

After getting all of the information we need,

I bought a bottle of concentrate to try it out myself.

It wasn't too expensive. It costs around $7-8 per bottle.

There are 4 types of it.

Revitalize, Nourish, Renewal and Boost.

Time to drink something healthy!

I have adopted unhealthy lifestyle since I moved to Singapore.

I was told that one bottle is enough to make 4-5 portions.

Here I am with my half-portioned-chicken!

(the staff said, it can be cooked without chicken too)

Boil the water,

put in the herbal chicken concentrate

then chicken!

easy isn't?

This is "The Herbal Chicken Soup- Nourish"

(you can add golden mushroom if you want)

Aside from healthy soup,

I used the other half of the chicken for this...

I invented myself mannn!

I called it "The unhealthy bacon wrap chicken!" lol

Hahaha..It's easy to do too!

Just seasoned your chicken with salt, corn starch, and a bit of dark soy sauce

Wrap it with bacon and fry it!

Next is also a dish that I invented myself..

First step- Dip tofu in the egg and fry it ! - set aside!

Next, fry the egg and cereal prawn

Next, put in the tofu and continue frying!

Here's my "Cereal Tofu" Ckckck..

Hola! I am ready to be a housewife! Hahaha..

The fried chicken was a bit raw - FAIL!

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