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22 March 2011

Gucci and Doraemon!

Muahaha a Doraemon Toy I got from Happy Meal recently.
Usually, toys that have sounds or safe for Gucci to play, I'll give it to him.

And this time round, as usual, he's excited ! =D

Gucci : Mommy..Is that for me?
Me : Of course my baby!

Gucci: Really? *shock face* Muahahaha..!!

Gucci holding to his toy!

Gucci: Let me try to taste it!

Hmm....Not bad mum! =D

Mummy! Dolphin and Doraemon are pretty boring!

What should I do to it now?

Let's eat it RAWR !!!

Btw, this is a video of him.

I was playing with him last night =)
He was confused !
He couldn't decide between going for a walk or playing with his toy.
Btw, leave some comments for Gucci.
I'll pass your message to him HIHIHII...

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