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27 March 2011

Get Your Sexy Back Bloggers' Party - Tiger Brewery Singapore!

Are you ready to get DRUNK? Muahaha...!
Yeaps! 2 days ago,
I attended a Bloggers' party event organized by Get Your Sexy Back!
"GYSB" - supported by Asia Pacific Breweries
I felt honored to be one of the few blogger that was invited by them.

In fact, transportation was provided for us,
the blogger, to get to The Tiger Brewery at Jln Ahmad Ibrahim.
However, you know me! I was late!
Hahaha so we cabbed down to the place ourself.

Get Your Sexy Back (GYSB)
is Singapore's first youth-led programme to encourage
responsible drinking among young adults,
Their mission is to spread the message that
while partying is perfectly cool,
binge-drinking is not!

Ehya! He was with me, as usual =D

Camwhore a bit =P

.Him. Polo shirt. Zara Jeans.
.Passing his wallet to me.
.Marc By Marc Jacobs Laminated Denim Bag.
.Butterfly Ring.
.Purple Cardigan by Zara.
.Miss Blogger and her dress.

Random white color heels VS Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Here we are! Tiger Brewery!

Btw, surprisingly, we were not late!

We arrived on time man! unusual! Haha..

While waiting for the rest to arrive..

Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore

He was forced to pose Haha =P

Educational corner.

Alcohol reminds me of;

The Tourism Academy @ Sentosa - F&B subject by Mr Ang.

where we learned about wine, type of alcohol,

fermentation process and etc.

My dad! - He is one of the Tiger Beer distributors in Indonesia.

Me - I can't take alcohol! and it reminds me of an incident 5 years ago.

I terribly vomited at Lingga's Birthday Party! Muahaha..Malu!

Him - A lot of happening!

There was one time where he was very drunk and without realizing,

he slept outside neighbor's house and they called for the security =_="

Another happening;

He was SO DRUNK that his friends called me for help

in the middle of the night! or should I say in the morning?

We dragged him into the taxi, into the lift and finally home. =_="

Nah! We should learn from his and my experiences!

Know when to STOP drinking and..

TOAST the right person! =)

GYSB (Get Your Sexy Back) is encouraging responsible drinking.

The program is proudly supported by Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

"Moderation is the new sexy, so go on and get your sexy back now!" - GYSB

Btw, do you know what is the consequences of OVER drinking?

Drunk= Potential Murderer, Victim, Offender, Law-Breaker and etc.

Anything is possible when you are DRUNK!

You'll also suffer stomach pains, dizziness, vomiting & horrible headaches

It can also cause lot of long term problems to your body

Hohoho again, know when to STOP drinking. =)

After about 30mins of waiting, they finally arrived!

This is our pass!

History and Exhibition Corner

Vintage bottles

Various of collection!

Guess what? there is a merchandise store in it too!

The interior of the Tiger Tavern!

Forgive me, my N97mini has balik-ed kampung lol

All pictures were taken with N95 instead (yeaps that ex hp of mine)

I googled for a better picture just for you =)

Source: Tiger Brewery Blog

Anyway! We were served with unlimited alcohol that night!

Heneiken or Guinness or Erdinger or Tiger

You Choose!

Yes randomly ME again =P

Tiger Beer Anyone? He finished them all for me ^^

Btw! GYSB is relaunching their Facebook page.

Check them out HERE!

Meanwhile, you should try this CHEERS CHALLENGE game!!

This is a very fun game!

You have to toast the right person in order to get points.

Stand a chance to win a Sony Cyber Shots everyWEEK

and an Ipad everyMONTH!

Quickly try! Who knows if you are the winner of the Ipad! =)

We were served with loads of food too!

What a heavenly combination - unlimited food and unlimited beer

(even though I don't drink lol)

I only ordered soft drink and ice water lol.

I love the mango pudding! I had two of it that night =X

He's toasting to YOU, my readers hihihi

Now! This is the fun part!

After drinking and drinking and drinking..

We were asked to prove how drunk we were by wearing

these fatal vision glasses and walk straight!!!

Can you? Muahaha...


ME! Trying the glasses.

I tried the super drunk glass.

What I saw and felt was;

everything became green and it moves very fast, dizziness!

This is HIM! =P

We He realized that he wasn't drunk enough.

So he ordered another glass of beer.

This time round, he requested for Erdinger.

He said it tastes better and sweeter compared to Tiger Beer.

I can't drink beer but I can pose with it =P

It was a fun night mingling with some other blogger.

We had dinner, played the games, chit chat, laughed, karaoke-ed and etc!

Last but not least, "The Goodies Bag!!" =D

Don't Drive to Drink and You'll Never Drink and Drive.

Leather organizer by Guiness

Guinness Lanyard and Iphone Pouch+ Tiger Beer opener

Heneiken Water-prove Cameras!

Enjoy Life and Have As Much Fun As Possible.

LIVE like it's your last day on earth,
LOVE like you've never been hurt
DANCE like nobody's watching!
DRINK like tomorrow is your holiday.
Lastly, know when to STOP !

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