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30 March 2011

Food Delivery - Singapore !

I really hate to order mcd, kfc or pizza hut.
(If you've been following my blog, you should know this)

(click here for dorami happy meal)

(click here for KFC)

(click here for cheezy pizza hut)

I mean, I love them, but I hate ordering them.
They're too oily and not healthy.
(btw, I still love mcd breakfast =P)

Why must I order?
Because, the human-being who's typing this now
is just too lazy to go out for a meal!
and I am living away from my parent =_="
I miss everything cooked by mum...SAD!

Why don't you cook?
You want wash the dishes for me?
If yes, I'll cook everyday! =)

Meal w/ delivery is not cheap!!
Yes you are right ! and I am not the one that's paying it.
I am the one who order and eat Hahaha...
I have part time job at home as a MAID
and so, my master provide me food everyday. Hahaha...

So, what other delivery you've discovered during your stay in Singapore?

1. Sakae Sushi Delivery
click here for my previous post )

Sakae Sushi offers delivery too...
But ya it's a bit pricey!
might want to think twice before order..
If you've 4-5 persons. Then it might be worth it.

These are some dishes I ordered recently.

See! It was only dinner for 2 man !! lol

2. Pasta Mania Delivery !
click here for my previous post )

Nyum nyum !!! I am addicted to pasta recently.
Couple days ago, we did ordered some pasta from pasta mania too.
The sauces were still hot when it arrived.
I love pasta mania delivery !
Price, a bit pricey too.

3. Canadian Pizza
click here for my previous post)

Ok this is still junk food.
It's just that it's another brand of junk food.
If you want cheaper pizza call Canadian pitzaaaaa
(I believed you know how to say this!
as their ads appear almost everyday on the TV)
Hohoho...Canadiann pitzaaaa 241 241 241 241 =_="
If you want nice pizza, I will still refer you to Pizza hut ! =)

4. Pu Tien Delivery
click here for my previous post )

I miss Pu Tien !!!! In this case,
Pu Tien only provide delivery to places that are near to them.
I used to stay in City Square Residence where Pu Tien was just 5mins away !
Haha we're just TOO LAZY to walk lol
I miss their SALTED EGG PRAWN !!
I've been trying salted egg prawn everywhere and...
Putien's salted egg prawn is still THE BEST =)

5. Delifrance Delivery

I think I've ever blogged about it.
However, the post has gone missing lol

Too bad, they only deliver to places nearby to them.

The delivery fee is quite expensive too haiz!

8. Thai To Go

It was recommended by one of my readers

You can try to go to their website and explore if i am not wrong..

Food wise, too thailand!
A lot of spices and herbs in it.
I will give them 60/100 only =)

9. BBQ chicken!

I just discovered that they offer delivery too!
I am going to try it very soon!

Any other food-delivery-option?
Kindly recommend it to me please =(

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