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20 March 2011

Domani Cafe - Ngee Ann City

Short and sweet post.

These were actually taken on the day when I had Seoul Garden with them
at Ngee Ann City remember?

After from Seoul Garden, we had some snacks at Domani!
A Spanish Italian Restaurant
HahahaMuahaha yeaps, we are MONSTER lol

Great Ambiance

I was just kidding.
I didn't have another meal but my bro.
He joined us after we finished our meal from Seoul garden.
So, we accompanied him for dinner.
He ordered these...


Appetizer Mushroom Soup

Grilled Lobster

Cheezy chicken and Bolognese pasta !

Everything was yummy!
It's a bit pricey though abt $80 for all.
Crazy! just for 1 pax lol
Have a great night!

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