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02 March 2011

Cousin's Wedding Party!

As you'all know, I went back to Indonesia last week.
It was for the purpose of attending my cousin's wedding!
Hohoho In addition - it was also for holiday!
Currently I am having my term-break! (only a week though)
Not really a break for me as I need to clear most of my assignments =(
I was hesitating between going back or working for natas fair.
Holiday or $400 pay!!

Ok at the end I decided. I need some rest.
And so, I went back HOME HOME HOME =)

Anyway! so the wedding party was held at Planet Holiday Hotel.
I guess it is the most prestigious hotel in Batam.

Congratulation Suhanto and Sudini =)

Btw, I hate my hair that night.
Thanks to him! I got no time for saloon that day.

No choice but to do it myself.
I spent half an hour to decide..
should I tie it?
should it just pin up my fringe?
should I tie a pony tail?
should I just leave it?
should I put all my hair to the back?
should I should I should I =_="

Thanks to his suggestion.
He said I looks better with my hair cleared !
=_=" which was so wrong !
because my hair was fully curled that day.
(not the same curl as *gyaru hair tutorial*)
It makes me looks like a lion with big face huh!

He did it purposely! Huhuhu..
So I looks fatter compare to him in the picture =(
I'll never listen to his suggestion ever again!

Ok back to the party.
This was the stage!

Matching napkin - with my...

Dress? Hahaha..

So the party begin!

It was my first meal of the day! Poor me!

With that big fat liar =P

Yam-sey time!

Drunk sis. Hahaha..

Guess who was on the stage?

It was Mr Cao!

Thanks for coming! =)

Aw! They are angels! Hoho my cousins.

Papi Mami and Meme !

I know I am so extra! They were all wearing red!

I still hate my hair huff !!

This is better as I looks slimer here Hahaha..

(you might not think so. It's okay!)

Sis and her fiance!

My pregnant lil cousins! She's extremely cute!

All my aunties and uncles
total = including their partner, there should be 26 peops on the stage !!
yeah I am so happy and proud to say that my dad has 13 siblings!
what a big family!
My ahma is an amazing woman!

Who's this guy? =P

That's it for the party!

Thanks for reading!

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