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16 March 2011

Cooking at Home! - Not a tutorial! =P

Holaa !! These are what we bought!!
Some Chicken wings, Buffalo Wings mix, Fried fish ball,
Golden mushroom, Egg, Crab stick,
Tom Yum Cubes, Fresh Prawn (not in the pic)
=D =D =D

Prepare your tom yum soup.
In this case, we used two cubes ^^v

Put in fish ball, golden mushroom, crab stick and prawn!!
and you are done! easy!

Fried Egg! Do you need me to explain mer?
We put in garlic and prawn cereal too.

Prepare container for the chicken.
Marinated the wings with the Buffalo Mix.

Oven bake it 25-30mins!

You are DONE !!

See that! 3 very-easy to prepare dishes.
Hihihhi...Too easy that NO tutorial is needed =P

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