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04 March 2011

Colorful Tampons and Pads by Kotex

This post is for girls only! If you are a guy,

Kindly press the "x" button on the upper right side of your window =P

Last week, some girls were walking around my campus.

They were collecting our names and contact number.

In exchange of our information, we were given a goodies bag

which consists of some pads and tampons.

I am sure that a lot of you have heard or maybe used

the colourful pads by Kotex =)

Colourful pad was an awesome idea.

And now, how about colourful tampon?

I've never use tampon before and I am curios !

Here's an introduction of what a tampon is.

Tampons (say: tam-ponz) also absorb menstrual blood,

but they work from inside the vagina.

A tampon is also made of absorbent material,

but it's pressed tight into a small cylinder shape.

By using tampon, when you are on your period,

you can still do sports or go swimming.

Here's a video for your reference.

Have you ever used a tampon before?
Is that comfortable?
Care to share? =)

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  1. haha im a tampon user. and seriously since i first start using, I have not use a pad since then!


Thanks for your lovely comment!