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05 March 2011

Batam is All about FOOD! =D

New heels =P

He went back with me last week.

If you've read about my cousin's wedding party,

you should have seen him in the picture.

Yes that big fat liar =P

Bought some Bee Cheng Hiang home!

Yes this one! The B.F.L! =P

I picked up some brochures before boarding.

Look at this attractive deal ! Bali 3 Days for $418 only!

It's the not-so-nice hotel though..

I also bought a cup of hot milo from the vending machine.

Because I knew that the journey would be very boring! =P

A cup of mini hot milo cost me 20mins of time haha..

a good deal lol

Yay! here I am! arrived in this tropical island, Batam! =P

What's good about going back home is,

you can drive your own car!

you can go anywhere you want to go!

Eat anything you want !

We went to "Batu Besar" Restaurant on our second day!

You'll never get these in Singapore..

(well, maybe can but not easy!)

Chocolate Avocado and fresh coconut!

Is this Hepo? I don't know haha..

It's called the "Udang Belalang" in Bahasa Indonesia

(grasshopper prawn?)

Next is this Kerang Hijo! (green shell? lol)

And of course CRAB !! hohoho

Black Pepper Crab and Chilli sauce Crab !

Look at the crab egg inside it ! slup!

Yes it was a meal for TWO hahaha yes I know..

We were so powerful =_="

like power ranger liddat lol

Photographer error..!

This picture is totally not romantic duh!

The next day, we went to "Sop Ikan Dju Dju" Restaurant to have our lunch

Thanks to our friend, Wilson, we got 10% for the meal =P

They are well-known with their fish soup.

Which I don't deny! It's really good.

A must-eat dish when you go to Batam.

TikPan Tahu! - hotplate tofu

otah otah!

After from there, we went to Kepri Mall

A new mall in Batam - I managed to shop for some items.

I will share about it soon.

ti-to for ticket!

After from Kepri Mall,

We went to find food...AGAIN!?

yes! =P

We went to "Mie Tarempa" restaurant near to Batam Center.

You can skip this lol

A photo of me to wake you up! Hahaha..

Here's the exact address...

We bought some snacks! Teh O-Beng and.....

Tadaaaaa !! Our current favorite snacks recommended by Acai..

The Luti Gendang = Roti Goreng = Fried bun

You must-try this!

It's something like a fried bun with awesome filling inside

which I don't know what Hahaha =P minced meat?

Yes I am a FAIL food blogger =D

I am a SUCCESSFUL eater who blog a lot about food hahaha..

Next destination was "Ocarina"!

Something like a recreation park?

Here's the entrance..

Rp 10.000 = $1.30? per vehicle

Rp 5000 = less than $1 per entry per person

Total 1 car+ 2 pax = Rp 20k! =P

(Actually my sis, dad, mum have the VIP card which

entitled to complimentary entry but whatever!

we didn't bring that hoho)

A water park in it!

A small garden..

Wanna fly some kites?

Flamingo Tree!

The Colorful flyer!


Yes I knew it!

My pose is so outdated right!

I also wonder why I did that =_="

Feel the breeze?

Playground! =)

I hope I can bring Gucci here =(

The Beach!


Hahaha his turn! outdated pose! =P

After walking around, again, we went to find FOOD!

hahaha we ate like we're not gonna come back to Indonesia ever again lol

We went to BCS and settle down at Gadeno!

Red Italian Soda and Strawberry Cheese bread!

total $5?

Next we went to watch movie! a french fries sis bought for us.

We didn't eat that though. Hahaha

yes we surrendered ! we were too FULL!

The Exorcism..Yes outdated movie! ticket price $3 !

Then we headed to Harbour Bay..

On the way there we spotted - a weird car !

You can never find this in Singapore (I guess) =P

Here we are at De'Patros cafe!

Weird dish name spotted

Terrorist crab?

Interesting Godzilla Batam Island =)

We went there as HE wanted to catch his Manchester United Match.

In addition, we also meet up with our friends.

Suli, Davis, Jason, Eka, Rica, her bf, Hary, Ate, Danny

another two/three other people were there too..

Hahaha sorry but I don't know your name lol

It was a fun night seeing them doing interesting yet stupid stuff.

Eka was drunk he can't stop laughing that night.

We went to have Nasi Ayam Penuin for supper!

Yes Chicken Rice at 2am! lol

It was Davis bday, we randomly sang Happy Birthday song for him.

And he fell down from his chair randomly

which make us can't stop laughing. - esp eka! =_='

Hahahaha =P I am so sorry but I need to blog about this..


On Sunday!

We went to Bengkong Laut for seafood!

It was a treat from sis fiance!

Triple date! =D

sis+ her fiance,

mum+ dad,

bfl + I

Fresh crabs.

Fresh Prawns.

Fresh Lobsters.

Fresh Huge Shells. patient it almost come to the end..

On the last night of our day in Batam,

we went to find out this

Indo- particularly Batam-current-super-famous

Ayam Cabe Ijo! Green Chilli Chicken!

You might not believe it but I queued for 2 hour just for this!

Actually not me but danny and bf haha.. thanks for queuing!

The chicken tasted nice but the spicy-ness was killing!

I was craving for batagor too!!!

So I bought a pack of it from Nagoya Hill- Hyper Mart =)

Haha lil cute merzy! was waiting for Batagor lol

Yummy Yummy!

A&W spotted!

Last dinner in Batam

Eskoteng, grilled fish and otah!

Finally our last day in Batam!

Went to "Wong Cilik" Recomended by dad and mum

Here's the address!

They sell BAKSO! - Meatball noodle

Even the most expensive bakso cost only less than $2 !


Here's my Mie Ayam + Bakso !

It was not-bad =)

Hihihi A bowl of my sis anyone? lol

Mum loves their Martabak!

So I ordered 4 boxes -

Pandan Keju, Chocolate Keju, Mocha Keju, Cheese Banana!

I challenged or should I say "risked" myself..guess what?

I bought those to Singapore!

You know, immigration in Singapore is very strict about food.

Sometimes when they don't allow,

they will ask you to throw everything in the dustbin on spot!

Yes that cruel!

So here's our conversation

The officer: What's this?

Me: Martabak (nervous)

The officer : (opening the box) this is not martabak!

Me : (Shock) *trying to explain* This is martabak..

got chocolate, cheese, pandan (omg I looks like I was selling those)

The martabak word is also written on the box.

The officer: *insist* this is not martabak..

Me : (Don't tell me that you are going to ask me to throw away everything)

*Sweating and Smile*

The officer: This is not martabak! This is murtabak! okay you can go now..

Me : (want to laugh cannot laugh) hehe..

After coming out from the gate..



=_=" whats the different? =_="

This is strawberry cheese martabak.

That's it for my Batam-FOOD post =D
I hope this is useful for you =)

I lost 3kg prior to CNY and after CNY I gained back my 5kg
HAHAHA not funny =(

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