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19 February 2011

When I have nothing to do..

I'll take a warm/ sometimes hot water bath.

Clean my make up..(if the shower is in the evening)

Brush my teeth

Misc products that I used recently.

New skin care product.

Highly recommended ! But it's a bit expensive! $42 for a bottle.

-Cure- Natural aqua gel

It's in gel form..

Rub it on your skin and tada !! all dead skins come out.

Gross !! I know! =)

It's gentle to skin, fragrance free and you'll feel extra clean and fresh

after rinsing it with water. I personally love it !

Have a cup of hot milo...

or sometimes tea..

followed by some yummy peanut butter biscuits..

Favorite Magazine - Cleo - March issue !!

Read some horoscope..

Finish? watch latest movie..

Done? sitting in front of pc..

typing this.. =D

While typing, I'll have some sweets..

Xylitol - sugarless - Yummy and diet friendly =P

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