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20 February 2011

We went to Casino for Dinner =P

We went to MBS last 3-4 weeks ago..

It was simply random.

Irene...!!! you go and gamble?

NO ! I am a good girl, I don't gamble..


So what did you do?

Eat dinner =PPPPP

We had a light meal at Tong Dim Noodle Bar (Located inside the casino)

Which I think it is the most affordable restaurant in the casino..

So people who lose money will either go home or grab something here.

If people won a lot of money.

They will probably go upstairs for those celebrity chef fine-dining restaurant.

In this case, from this picture below, can you tell? Hahaha..

No No No we didn't gamble. lol

He was just not in the good mood lol He was having his period


Chopstick lol

The Interior of the restaurant..

Char sio bao !

Siaw Mai and Fried rice..

Don't forget to present your member card everytime you spend money in it.

New nails to share tonight!! Stay tune !

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