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18 February 2011

Valentine Loves

My new Marc by Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Denim Tote Bag !!!
I am extremely Lucky and Happy!!
I've been searching for this bag since ages !!
Reason: It's not available in Singapore or anywhere else..
Not even in their online stores.
It's only available at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores in US !

And....I managed to get it !! *wohoo*
and It's a vday gift that I bought for myself =P
It's made from laminated cotton.

And the price is extremely affordable !
Material is quite hard but spacious !
I can tuck in 2-3 thick books in it
(I am not likely to bring book though..especially thick books)

On that special days,

I made some D.I.Y stalks of Ferrero Rochers for
my classmates, bro's classmate and friends..

And of course for my BFF =)
Grandma! Hehehe...

2 other BFF were missing..
One is not in Singapore and another one, we lost contact..
I hope we can reunite again in vday 2012

For him, I got him these Pokemon bed sheet

And Pokemon World Championship Deck

And Pokemon World Collection - Pikachu edition

Spin to see more pikachu !

HAHAHAHAHA ok I am just kidding =P
He bought those himself ckckck..
Stay tune for our real vday gift exchange.. =)

Say Hello to My Baby Gucci...


  1. hi!!!! i just wanted to know, where did you get those Pokemon sheets?!? i want to buy them for my little bro, but they are hard to find here in the U.S. and they only sell them in EBAY which they are already used. can you please help me. heres my e-mail: (please contact me about this)

    sincerely, Jeff

  2. I got them from a local store in Singapore =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!