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17 February 2011

Valentine Dinner 2011 - Enoteca L'Operetta

Tada !! Our Valentine Dinner Post.. =D A picture of him to start with Hahahaha!!
Then, a picture of me looking ah-ma-ish. Hahaha I know my dress looks victorianizelyweird.
It is Okay! I love it!! =P

We called for a taxi as usual and to our surprise, a special 6 seater taxi came to pick us up! =_="
To be honest, I was quite shocked and did thought about cancelling it.
The driver was an aunty and she was very very very stupidly RUDE.
I was so pissed!
She asked us "Can I drop you here" I said "No please, please go inside"
Guess what was her reaction? she made *cek* sounds leh!

Lesson of the day, things that are more expensive may not be better.

Anyway, guess what I found? A mini bar in the taxi! That's interesting!

Ok. I don't want to talk too much on this.
Now, attention! look at my beautiful flower...
Finally! He got me somthing that I like..Purple roses !!

It was expensive! Zzz...
Next time, I want him to buy fresh flower from Cold Storage for me and I'll D.I.Y !!
It's cheaper, I am happier and it's FUN !! =)

Here's my fake lashes and eye make up of the day. Nude make up !!
That's why you can't see anything here (HAHAHA)
Here we are at L'Operetta ! It's located at boat quay,

I've always wanted to try their food since last time when I walked pass by the restaurant.
After looking around, reading some reviews, searching for them on facebook and website,
I finally managed to get in touch with them.

A stalk of rose courtesy of L'Operetta. Look at the interior ! It was sparklingly nice !

Breads were served while waiting. (It reminds me of TAS)

Valentine set was priced at $98++/pax
We decided to order just one vday set and some other ala carte dishes.

First up! We have antipasti;
Capesante di Hokkaido al Forno con Burro Aromatizzato
Oven Baked Hokkaido Scallops flavoured with Aromatized Butter

BF + His Green Salad Hahaha
(shh don't tell him I posted this picture of him) =P

We ordered a vday set only because..We wanted to try their other well-known dishes !!
such as this !

Parmesan Cheese Risotto !

"Risotto" Mantecato al Minuto nella Forma di Parmigiano
Homemade Risotto tossed with Classic Parmesan Cheese cooked a la minute
It was awesomely yummy !!! 4.5/5
Trust me, you have to try this!

Next item is this,
Scampi Al Forno Con Burro Aromatizato
Oven baked sampi flavoured with aromatized butter.
Bf love this !! 4/5

Next course is this,
"Spaghetti" ai Ricci di Mare Con Bottarga di Muggine
Sea Urchin Spaghetti tossed with Grey Mullet Bottarga
It tastes light and good but not wow.. 3.5/5

We ordered a so called "The Real Napoli Wood-oven Pizza" too.
Al Funghi
Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Mixed Seasonal Mushrooms, Parmesan and Basil
Again, bf love it. I personally think that it tasted just ok!

Instead of lamb listed on the Vday menu, we requested to change it to beef instead.
(we don't eat lamb)
However, unfortunately, beef has sold out. No choice, but to choose fish. =(

Pesce del Giorno Alla Griglia con Caponata
"Catch of the day" Grilled and Garnished with Vegetable stew
Not my preference and it tasted just okay.
Fish for valentine (so not romantic) 3/5 =(

Tagliolini Al Ragu di Kurobuta
Handmade tagliolini served with minced kuro buta pork
It was nice, good and I love it !

Lastly, Torta D'Opera - Traditional Italian Rich Chocolate Cake
We ordered an additional dessert - Tiramisu - I heard it was nice.
And true enough..
both were AWESOMELY GREAT !! 4.5/5 =)

Last but not least! Let's talk about the service.
It was good. The staffs were friendly and the chef came and greeted us at our table.
Apologized for the wrong order earlier and etc.

A picture of us before having our lovely dessert.

A cup of coffee for you?

We spent $179 on the meal and I think it's reasonable and worth it !
I'll definitely go back for the risotto, dessert and service =)
Went to the washroom *hahaha* I know..that's so not important right..
But look at this ! The washroom was so clean and nice !

That's how we spent our Valentine this year!

How about yours? you enjoyed it? =)

Complimentary cookies for us. How sweet.

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  1. Wow the purple roses are expensive! Your bf is really sweet to buy them for you ^^


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