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15 February 2011

Valentine Cake By Rene

Hahaha so I went down to TheIcingRoom to redeem my D.I.Y cake !!

This is my Medium size cake worth S$20.80

These were the materials given...

Other than these,

additional material is available - price range from $2-$2.80++

For me, I only used 3 color which are

Black chocolate

Red gel

Pink Cream

My theme was Curly Love !

Are you ready to see my cake?? =)





Tada !!!! Happy Valentine !!

Huahua I was SO HAPPY and SATISFIED with my cake..

Don't you think it looks GREAT? =p

Happy Valentine Fin Rene and Gucci Baby!

I am so professional !!!

Hahaha ok I admit. It was a bit messy..

But it's okay !!!

as it's SO FUN and he was with me when I decorated this =P

Do you like my cake? =)

I spent about 30mins on the decoration part..

They gave me a birthday word plate and a candle???

Happy Valentine my readers !

Have a great day! =D

Kindly let me know if you like my cake through the comment box.

Lastly, do you want to win this?

I am giving a FREE CAKE for one of my lovely readers..

CLICK HERE to join...

Contest end soon !

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