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07 February 2011

Unique snacks I collected during Chinese New Year

Hoho time to sum up what I had during CNY visits...

These oranges were from bf.

He gave it to my parent as a gift.

Thx acai for delivering it.

Let's start from my house ! I got plenty of snacks..

Hm...not much in fact haha

Mum knew that I'll eat a lot of it. ckck..

A box of Taiwan pudding from sis's bf..

I ate three of it!! hahaha =x

Fortune cookies !!! from cold storage!

with a letter in it filled with wishes and 4D number inside !! =)

Hello Kitty pineapple tart !!! =)

Panda peanut cookies !

LV inspired kue lapis ! huahuahua......

so cool man ! ckck..

Kaya kue lapis?

OMG a tray of colourful candy !!!

I choosed butterfly! =)

A disney box with...

Mickey cookies inside !!

Ice cream !! - cheese cookies =D

I will update again tonight...stay tune! =)

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