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03 February 2011

Reunion Dinner!

Yay !! I have reached in Indonesia !!
Since two days ago, actually =)
This is HOME truly...HOME ckck...

Anyway, I was craving for Indo's cuisine !!
I had YongKee Fish Soup,
MyMie and
most importantly mummy's cooking! =P
Btw: thanks Acai for bringing us around and also the axis =)

I captured my soursop juice+apple drink
(I know!! weird combination)
But I like it hihi..see the mixing spoon? so annoying hahaha..

and I managed to capture this..Hahaha creative isn't? =P

This is my- My mie with fried tofu =)
The fried tofu was great you have to try it !
It was stuffed with minced meat..

After lunch, I went back home and again EAT !! Hahaha..

Mum prepared a big bowl of Buddha Jump Over The Wall
and For The Yu Sheng..exactly the same as last year..
New Moon Brand =)

Slice Abalone =)

Our Luxurios Yu Sheng- We love it !

And of course sumptuous dinner!!!

Fish, Duck, Chicken and Soup
Drink - Sarsi ! =)
Where's the veggie mum? =(

Anyway! So here we are..Lao Yu Sheng !! Muahaha..
Same as last year.. self-timer portrait =P

Huat ahr! I love my family MUACH ! =)

Weird shaped fishball filled with meat inside =)

After the meal, we headed to ahma house.. =)

Firework spotted when we were otw to Nagoya !

Nagoya - Batam version of ChinaTown =P

Guess what? We brought Merzy with us too =)

We went there to join the crowd.
Attended count down event organized by
Paguyuban Sosial Marga TiongHua Indonesia (PSMTI)
A Chinese community in Indonesia =)

Enjoy the video of the firework I recorded =)

For clearer video CLICK HERE

Happy New Year My Friends and Readers !!

Btw. This is my new Hello Kitty BedSheet..

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