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09 February 2011

A mini tour to my new home =D

So ! I've moved to my current place since last year - Sept?
It has been about 5 months? that's fast!
Let me bring you'all around...

This is my living room..nice?

Sofa Bed, Coffee table and etc.
They were all from IKEA =)

A balcony with a nice view but NOISY as it's near to AYE lol

Next is...

Study corner..Looks like a reception desk to me..Hahaha...

Very Messy lol

My bathroom, open concept..
Can see people running here and there while shower HAHAHA...

His bathroom. With a pool for Gucci Hahaha..
The place where I usually put on my make up too..

Simple dining table where I usually have my Indomie before going to campus =P

A Super Spicy Indomie for an Indonesian ladies who's now typing this..

Didn't take picture of his room, my room and kitchen.. LoL
After lunch, I'll go to my campus directly..

This is the place where I stay...

While waiting for 196 bus
Why am I always late for school?
Reason: I am LAZY to walk to other bus stop..
So I'll usually wait for 196 to transfer me there..
BUT 196 always take up to 20mins to arrive T-T

These were the recents things I did.
Admiring at my blink nail while waiting for bus HAHAHA...

Arrived at school...
Eat snacks and drink prune juice
Pay attention and study very hard

On the way home, I'll walk pass by this florist purposely!

I hate it, but I have to cross the bridge to reach my home!

The card I used to enter the condo

I'll walk to the carpark and check mailbox before coming up...

Then camwhore in the lift with my lunch on my hand..

Finally !! *music please*
This is home....Truly...where i know I must be...

Key? Card? No need..
Just press ********* to enter..

Tada !! My baby! who have been waiting for me to come home!!

*kiss kiss*

Lastly my so-so lunch ckckck...

Stay tune! I'll be blogging about the facilities soon!


  1. ur shower room window is all clear?? Other people cant see you ma?

  2. No they wont see me. Hehehe..there's a curtain too. If I feel not secure, I'll pull it down =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!