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16 February 2011

Make up Product on Valentine day!

I went to Orchard to do some shopping for my make up on that day.

He was with me =P

These were the items I got. He spent a total of $150 for all these..

Hahaha..Thanks dut!

Lets start from this Fasio Eye Colour..

Yes you are right! I was only attracted by the packaging HAHAHA..

I am not an eye shadow person. But because it was on valentine day,

and I have been planning about to try NUDE make up.

I decided to get it !

So nice right ! Hehehe..

It only cost me him around 20 bucks?

(I lost the receipt lol)

It's very glittery and pigmented too...

Next is this Cheek Gradiation

It consists of Blusher and Highlighter.

It was around 20 bucks too.

Next item is this Lancome Blusher

- Butterflies Fever Series -

I didn't buy it randomly.

I have been planning to get it !! and finally!

total damage for this one is $70 !

but satisfaction 100% ! =D

I was hesitating between Dior and Lancome..

Guess what? Dior make up was cheaper than Lancome!

I didn't know that hohoho..

I was planning to get the butterfly series eye shadow too.

But guess what? both color were out of stock !!

Man!! I need to be faster next time.

Lastly, a new mascara I got.

Maybelline Mascara - Long Exrreme Stiletto

It was about $18.90?

and a Revlon Lipgloss

It was around $17 If I am not wrong.

That's it !!

For my make up products on Valentine day!

Not very clear from the picture.

I'll share a tutorial and review all my make up product very soon.

Stay tune !


  1. I like all the make up, especially the Lancome eyeshadow one, it's lovely!

  2. itu softlens merek apa kak? warna ungu yaa?

  3. @ratu yah !! so nice right =)
    @sinsilya - yaps it's purple lens - brand : geo lens from


Thanks for your lovely comment!