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25 February 2011

Gyaru Hair Tutorial !

Gyaru hair ! I watched nu ren wo jui da some days ago..

And I was inspired by the hair tutorials..!

It was the series where they teach people how to manage bangs!

Here's the accessories I got from Aries !

total was about $6 !

Easy! just grab a small section of your hair at the back,

insert the hair nu bra..

Cover it and tada ! here's your puff hair! =)

Can you see it? =)

Now use this type of hair band..

It's better as the result is more natural.

Here I am with my bangs up!

Now, curl your hair!

(you can do it at the very first stage too)

yay! you likes my curl?

I think it looks better like this =P you think so?

muahaha my huge forehead and face =)


aiyo so blur..he was behind me..


kiam phak face lol..

MUAHAHAHA this is so fun!

That's it! =)


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