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28 February 2011

GOLD themed make up, dresses, accesories, anything !

I did this make up last week.
It was for my cousin's wedding =)

I was using Geo-Lens WT-B34 - sponsored by Geo-Lens-Online
Brown colour lens!

The design of it is actually diamond-alike.

This is how it looks like on my eyes =)
You like it?

Next is my simple yet gorgeous (I claim) gold-ish eye make up!

I applied Silver and White glitter shadow near to my eye brow
then layered it with gold glitter shadow
and lastly dark brown glitter shadow near to my lashes..

For my face, as usual, foundation and blusher only =)

Next is my gorgeous dress by River Island
I costs about $ 170
(You'll see more picture of my dress on my next post)

btw as you can see, I curled my hair =)

It has to be paired with gorgeous heel! of course..
My Burberry Inspired heels by Xquisis =)

Last but not least...
Matching nail designed by Rene =)

Not to forget, matching toe nail =)

And of course my all-time-favorite- BUTTERFLY ring !

Stay tune !!

I'll blog about the event tomorrow =)

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