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01 February 2011

Glitterati Plus Bloggers Meet-up

Here's the itinerary list of the event.



Some Introduction sessions..

and Game!

Lunch Break

Tips on blogging and etc..

We received a goodies bag too !! It consists of...

A Jipaban flag Pen!

Some angpaos, salonpases and movie tickets =)

Btw, do you know where and what Sinema Old School is?

It's actually a movie theater that screens some movies that's produced by local.

I watched some trailers of the movie at the event and a movie called

When Hainan Meets Teochew (NC16)

caught my attention !

I might go down to watch that movies soon since I got free tickets hehe..

It's located just behind the Plaza Singapura.

Anyway! This is the FUN part..

We were asked to form a group of 5..

And we managed to find three persons who sat in front of us to join us..

which were..

(If I am not wrong) Valencia, Theressa and a guy..

(I am so sorry I forget his name, OMG)

I have short-term memory problem lah! Huahaua..

If you happen to read my blog, say "Hi" to me ok? =)

We were TEAM 12 !!!

Here's the tasks-list!

We need to take photos with the angpao given.

A guy/girl who wear a red shirt/dress

A famous blogger

A person with tattoo!

And lastly, solve the puzzle.

We only managed to solve 3 tasks lol Hahaha..

It was too troublesome!

I mean we need to find both photographer and the person specified.

When we got the person, the photographer was not around us.

When the photographer was nearby, we can't find the person huh

So! You can imagine how busy we were..

walking around here and there muahaua..

This is one of the groups who won the game =)

Ben, Esther and etc - The Blogger group =)

After the game, FINALLY!!

Lunch Break.. !!!! Hahaha..

It was my first meal of the day and it was at around 4pm

so now you know why I shouted FINALLY =P

Generous portion of food provided by Nuffnang! =)

Trust me !! Everything were great !!

I love the snacks the desserts..


Oh gosh! I am hungry now =(

On diet is not all! *Sigh*

After the lunch some famous blogger

BEN, ESTHER and QIUQIU shared their tips on blogging with us.

And Lastly, The Guest speaker Dr LesLie Tay!

The owner of the blog IeatIshootIpost !

He also shared his tips on blogging with us.

His speech was very aspiring and motivative!

If you're not aware, he's a famous food blogger in Singapore.

He even published his own book recently. It's called..

The End of Char Kway Teow

And guess what?
just because my ahkong, ahma, mummy, daddy are teochew..
and because he's a teochew..
I won his book !! How lucky am I !!
He asked me to keep my blood pure..Muahaha..!
Like no sugar no salt, 100% organic liddat lol
He's a funny, friendly and charming guy!
Unfortunately he's married HAHAHA..

You should subscribe to him if you are a food lover.

His blog and book would guide you to a lot of good food in Singapore.

I'll review his book in another blogpost (stay tune if you're hungry =P )

Lastly, I'd like to share a lil bit about "Glitterati Plus Club."

Glitterati Plus (or affectionately referred to by members as G+)

is an exclusive club for active Nuffnang bloggers.

Other than blogging, fellow bloggers get to plan fun activities,

get invited to cool events and expand their social circle.

How to Join?

Blogger must fulfill the basic requirements of a Glitterati membership to be eligible to join Glitterati Plus.

What's the benefit?

  • Be able to enjoy benefits of sponsorships and having fun at the same time.
  • Reap higher chances of getting event passes to exclusive Nuffnang-branded events such as Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards, Nuffnang Bloggers’ Symposium or movie screenings!
  • Get invited to attend blogger-exclusive events, product launches or workshops organised by the brands partnering with Nuffnang
  • Take charge and create your own outings. Best of all, it’ll be subsidised by Nuffnang!

For more info, visit:

Sounds FUN isn't? What are you waiting for? =)

And...In addition,

This is the president of Glitterati Plus Club!! =)

Congratulations Mr HP =)

Me and Esther =)

A famous blogger from Aussie


Dr LesLie Tay

Lastly, Nuffnang's Boss Ming =)

Come, Join us and Have Fun! =)

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