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22 February 2011

Geo Lens Review ! (Purple!)


is showering me with a lot of love !!!

Thank you so much for sponsoring =)

Look at this!

I received various types and different colour of lenses !!

I've shared some of the loves with my sis =)

In exchange, she gave me her shirt. (Hahaha kidding)

I was wearing my sis's - boyfriend oversize shirt.

(not her boyfriend. (or should I said fiance?) Whatever!

It's the name of the shirt and it has nothing to do with her partner LOL

Anyway ! Do you still remember about my review on Geo-lens last year?


Today I am going to review this purple lens !!

WT-A71 - 15mm

This is how the lens looks like on my eyes.

See the HUGE different? =)

I love the purple shade !!

Do you like it? =D


Geo Lens or ViviGo Lens?

Honestly, I used to prefer ViviGo Lens as the water content is higher

and the width is 15.5 mm!!

But now, I think I've changed my mind a bit.

I love Geo-lens too. Haha..

Both are lovely =P

Why shop at Geo-Lens-Online?

Simply because the owner is friendly.

She is like ME! an Indonesian too!

She is currently working in Singapore.

She imported all the lens directly from Korea.

You can always verify the authenticity of your lens at Geo-Lens website.

Beware of cheap, bad quality lens from China..

know how to differentiate!

How to order?

Easy!! To order your lens, you can just submit the order form

that's available on Geo-lens website!

No need to email, etc (unless you've question for her)

How conveniete right!! =)

Some of my friends complaint to me!

I have been sharing stuff that's only available in Singapore..

And my Indonesian friends (who's living in Indonesia) can't get it!

Guess what?

Geo-Lens-Online ship their lenses to Indonesia too !!

(but be patient.. as it's per schedule basis!)

How about the price?

I saw some shops selling it at $35++

I saw some shops selling it at $15 only too!!

It's up to you..

What I can say is..

Beware of bad quality product =)

Geo-Lens-Online is having their fifth spree..

and guess what? They are having a promotion now !

1 pair at $28.90 each
2 pair at $27.90 each
3 pair at $26.90 each

Spree is closing on 28 Feb 2011
Act fast before it's too late =)

ME with both lens on! =) like it?


  1. The purple one looks great!

  2. You have really imparted useful tips/ knowledge.


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