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12 February 2011

Ferrero Rocher's Bouquet

OMG !!! 2 days away from Valentine ^^
I wish we can celebrate Valentine for a week instead of one day only!
Hehehe...Today I am going to share something I've learnt.
Since Vday is coming you GUYS or GIRLS out there
must have been thinking about..
what to give to your friends or your love one right?

(paying attention on great sales around Singapore)
HAHAHA he always complain..!

"Hey I bought LV for you I bought Chanel for you"
"But you?"
"Got! I give you a Burberry shirt man! u don't remember?"
"Yes...I remember that shirt you bought from Burberry Sale last year right"
"It's also branded what! cheap and nice *hahahaha* "

This year, other than giving him gift *still looking for it*
I am going to do a Ferrero Rocher Bouquet for him =P
(ok lah not really for him. It's for the FUN sake) Muahaha..

Last night at about 08.30pm, I went crazy!
I took a bath and rushed my self to Clementi Hub! (without make up) Hahaha..
Simply because...

There's a power and motivation in me..
That finally decided to do a Ferrero Rocher Bouquet !
(I did it For fun and For my blog and For you my reader)
I really want to share this awesome and easy tutorial with you guys =)

These were the items I got.

I have very limited budget =P

The purpose of D.I.Y is to save money whad!

So..I choosed the cheapest material! =)

1. One pack of bamboo skewer -NTUC - $1.30

2. 15pcs of Ferrerro Rocher -NTUC - $6.75

3. 12pcs of Ferrero Rondnoir - NTUC - $5.95

4. 3pcs of Ferrero Raffaelo - NTUC - $1.40

5. A pack of Lollipop - Clementi Hub - $ 1.30

6. Gift wrapper - Clementi Hub - $ 0.30

7. 2rolls of ribbons - Clementi Hub - $ 2.90

8. 250pcs/A pack of doyley or doiley (google!) - Phoon Huat - $ 2.60

8. Scissor

9. Glue or Scotch Tape

I got three type of chocolates here... =D

(I regret buying the Ferrero Raffaelo (white one))

I can't pierce my skewer into it.

1st step is to pierce the skewer till midway through the Ferrero Rocher.

Don't make it too deep.

Cover the stick and scotch tape it as above.

Make a hole in the middle of doiley..

And again scotch tape it..

you can trim the doiley so it looks more puffy.

(shown in the picture)

In this case, I found this Pink polkadot paper bag. and I decided to use it.
You can use colour paper, plastic bag? anything that you find it recyclable.

Fold it into half..

Again cut it..

and scotch tape it!

Last step it to cover it with another layer of doiley.

Tada !! I am done with it..

EASY right? I told you !

You can add a ribbon to it justlike this..

Now, I am going to do a bouquet...
Arrange everything nicely and scotch tape it!

I added some lollipops on the side =)

Added doiley to the back of it and

wrapped it all with a wrapping paper!

Hahaha not too bad..

But I am somehow not satisfied with it lol

For a bouquet it costs me less than $8 !!

Another way will be...

Using ribbons !

Just fold the ribbon into something like this...

You can glue it to the skewer or poke the skewer into the middle of the ribbon..

And then wrap it with doiley paper =D

Tada !! Nice right?

OMG I can't believe I am so talented !

Hahaha no lah..actually those are easy.

I believed there are prettier Ferrero Rocher's bouquet outside =)

Total for a bouquet like this below only cost less than $5 !

In addition, you can buy these roses D.I.Y kit and

mixed it with your Ferrero Rocher's bouquet..

It's available in book stores at an affordable price


(For me it's still expensive)


D.I.Y roses are very easy to make.

(If you need tutorial too just let me know)

For me Just use whatever I have! Hahaha...

If you have more budget,
You can buy some other materials like these...

Extra lollies can also be used for bouquet too!

These are some other bouquet I found on the internet..

Just for your reference!

Nice yah!

Not necessarily Ferrero Rocher.

If you find something that's more interesting. Just use it

There are many ways to do a Ferroro Rocher's bouquet.

It just depends on your creativity and imagination.

I hope this post is useful for you.

Have a great day!


  1. Awesome:D Imma prepare this for my special girl:)

  2. What a great idea.... thank you for the inspiration x

    From LMC


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