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10 February 2011

Elva Beauty Palace : Facial Spa with Bf! =)

Guess where are we going?
Muahaha look at his face =P

After months of begging, yelling, fighting.
FINALLY he agreed to go for...

A facial session with me (HAHAHA)

I bought some deals from the internet and went for facial..
At Elva Beauty Palace - Clementi branch (very near to my house)

Before we went up, we were asked to change to this comfy slipper =D
I did an appointment with them in advance
and I requested for a couple room too.

They are using the award-winning Guinot skin care products.

I bought 2 facial treatment from them and
we were entitled to complimentary
eye treatment and shoulder massage.

All these treatment above are worth $238
For 2 = $ 476 !!

Do I look like a nun here?
Hahaha This is me before they squeezed my face lol

So as usual, they washed, scrubbed and steamed my face
(like wash scrub and steam veggie like that) Hahaha..

My consultant noticed that my skin is too dry
and she suggested me to do this Hydro Clear Facial treatment.

Hydro Clear Facial
This treatment quenches skin's thirst and binds moisture. A triple hydro power facial with Mexican cactus,anti-oxidant rich pomegranate extracts and hyaluronic acid bind the moisture,leaving your skin to feel silky soft and brighten up with long-lasting effect.

This is me after the squeezing session...
spot the red red mark?

After the suffering session
(For me, it was fine, not so hurt.
He find it acceptable too)

Here's the lovely part.

They used a tool and some very cooling gel to cool my skin down.
I didn't get to see what's that though..

(During this session, my consultant did some up-selling to me and him)
Muahaha...He was being asked first..

XX : you want to use ampule?
It's very good for your skin...blablabla...

Him: Ha? (*thinking*) Okay just use it...

XX: (asked me) Do you want to add on too?

Me: *laugh at bf* no thanks!

Hahaha this is expected and I know how to handle it.
He don't! HAHAHAHA...
So he paid additional $20 for the ampule without knowing what that is.
He don't even remember if they did really apply the ampule to him LOL

Muahaha I didn't do it because
obviously it's something extra that's not necessary.
I didn't say it's bad but it's just not necessary!

For me, mask is good enough. No need ampule hahaha...
*I still can't stop laughing*

While waiting for my mask to dry up..
I was bored ! No one was in the room.
So I tried to call him...
and the respond I get was...
He's sleeping !!
Muahaha...I tried to get a picture of him.

And FAILED! this is what I captured =_="
(The mask is still on my face remember?)

Hahaha so funny LoL

This is me. I looks like I just woke up LOL

This is the couple room *after the treatment* that's why it is so messy.

I kinda love this place as it's VERY CLEAN
and so I asked them if it's their new outlet?
They said they just start operating in October last year!
No wonder !

He was styling his hair and I camwhore.

After we were done!
We were served with a cup of ginger tea (in a room)
You know marketing right!
Yes..we were introduced to some recommendation and packages..
they didn't do hard selling though so don't worry.
The session end in less than 5mins.
Only some simple conversation
and the settlement of his $20 add-on ampule tratment..

After walking out from the place...

Me: So how's the ampule?
Him: *smile* Hahaha yah! I don't know what that is!
Me: *laugh* HAHAHA I know they will sell us something..
I am prepared and so I said no!
Him: You didn't tell me earlier. How do I know...
It's okay la...who knows my face will get better.
Me: *laugh even harder* you slept just now?
Him : Haha..I don't know man..I was tired!
Me: You snores! (HAHAHAHAHAHA)

Ok that's it for today =D

You like my rabbit shirt?
So cute right !
I love it ! and it's $12 only!


  1. Hi babe,
    can i roughly know the price range of the facial packages in Elva? I am going down tomorrow cos I bought a $500 IPL package from them and havent utilize it I want to exchange for facial so I want to know beforehand as to not kena chop..haha.
    thanks. please email really appreciate! :)

  2. Hi, so sorry for my late reply. I just saw your message.
    I am not very sure about the price of their packages. Maybe you can contact them directly instead? =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!