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07 February 2011

The End of Chinese New Year!

Aunt rose's husband sent Gucci back to me this morning.
Supposed to be last night. Unfortunately it was too late..
He's as fluffy and noisy as before.. BUT !
Something is wrong with his poo. He got diarrhea. Poor him.


As a pet owner,
my greatest joy is to see Gucci in the pink of health at all times.
We always give him the best we can give.
We provided him with high quality food,
a lot of toys and air-conditioned room.
(a sexy and beautiful wife soon!) Hahaha..
Pets are like babies that require 24 hours attention.
Unfortunately, due to my economy issue
(not rich enough to hire a maid. Ok maybe it's my problem too..
$10/hour maid is affordable. BUT !!!
I always think "why not save the money and I do it myself?")
ok stop forcing!
I am still not rich enough to hire a maid for Gucci
who required 24hour care..

Picture of him an hour ago..
He's tired! He's sleeping now..

So when I need to go back to Indonesia,
I will send Gucci for pet boarding.
I am so sad that I almost cry! when I see him barking.
He knew that aunt rose came to pick him up.
Imagine a mum and her baby have to be separated!
That kind of feeling man! *not kidding*

Pet Boarding in Singapore is not cheap too =(
Pet shop charged holiday surcharge too! huhuhu...
Pet boarding during CNY was $52.50/day (aunt rose's rate)
Gucci was there for a total of 6 days !!
Not only that, we also need to pay for;
+ transportation fee
+ grooming fee
+ detick fee

Total was more expensive than
round trip air ticket for 2 person to Bali!

We're broke now ! =_="
Anyway, as long as he's fine and to make us less guilty,
we're willing to pay that sum of money.
(In fact, we can find a cheaper option)

"Mummy love you Gucci..
So sorry that we're forced to leave you behind.
Please forgive mummy"

This is what I wore yesterday
It costs me $29!! from Dano huahua..
affordable and nice =D
and short..hahaha mum was nagging lol

A simple black dress..
and laces detail on the sleeve..

Today I went to school earlier..ok lah still late..
=P I arrived at around 12.30pm
(class started at 3.30pm)

First thing I did was to HAVE MY BEAUTIFUL LUNCH !!
Hehehe...I went to MegaBites alone..

My Queue number was lucky no. 3 ! =D
my favorite number !!

I ordered an Indonesia Fried Rice and a bottle of pokka milk coffee!

It was yummy! Portion was BIG and I managed to finish it all =x
After lunch, I went to the lab to print out some notes.
Stupid printer pissed me off so I gave up half way.

Otw home, I dropped by Watson and spotted these..
laces cover oil blotter paper
and a nail care sheet..
SO NICE RIGHT !! $2-$3 I forgot..

I spotted these branded inspired nail art too..
Gucci and Fendi

I was looking for acrylic remover..
I couldn't find it.
Do you know where I can get it? care to share?


Anyway Anyway Anyway...
I've promised myself to study harder !
and I WILL !! Pray for me okay! =)
*I am serious*
I was considering about to buy a book that costs $45 eh!
Consider only hahahaha..

Vday is coming..!!!!!
Excited? excited? Me not!
I don't want to expect ANYTHING (I bluff)
because I know,
I'll be dissapointed as always..

Enjoy life !! Enjoy your day !
Think positive..!
Work harder !
I want to be a successful person
I want to make dad and mum happy and proud!!
I love you mum and dad..
You've given me the best
and I'll give you the best of the best in return..!

I really want to shout I love you in front of sis, bro, dad and mum
and also give them a BIG HUG but paiseh! =P
and I afraid I'll cry in front of them..
(OMG my eyes suddenly turn watery !)
*am going to find some tissue now*
Haha nite readers =)

Ohya..last picture to make you laugh..

Ifan (Bf's bro) did this !
Title: Two warriors hugging each other

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