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05 February 2011

Chinese New Year - Day Two

Our family traditions:
1st day of CNY we will visit all the elderly and bosses.
Dad big bros and sis..
Dad's aunts, uncles and etc...

I got a total of 22 aunts and uncles
(Yes! That's why I have a lot of cousins) =P
My dad is the fourth one in the family.
So yesterday, which was the second day of CNY,
We sat at home and waited for all my aunts, uncles and etc to visit us =D

This was my attire of the day..

I love the design of it..Hehe I know it's CNY
and I just don't like to wear red =P

You like it? It costs me $69.90 -from Hypnosis =)
I bought one for sis too...
we wore it together yesterday =D

I accessorized it with a belt and cardigan =P
It's too sexy without those..ckck..
This is me with lil merzy =)

He's fluffy now...
Btw I miss GUCCI T-T
I sent him for pet boarding at aunt rose's place..
Damn expensive huhuhu...
total of his 6 days stay there made me poorer by about $350
Wallet-ache and Heart-ache =(

During the noon, we went to aunt lala's house =)
We played UNO there..Hahaha..
We followed Nonie and Rico's (My cousins) rules lol
Hahaha anyhow say can or can't lol

Both Rico and I lost the game..
The penalty for us were..
Rico: to shout "Gong xi fat choy" to my front of everyone!!
Me: to shout "Papa wo ai ni" to my front of everyone!!
So embarrassing! hahaha..

Their cute little rabbit =)

Hahaha I know I looks like I am squeezing him near to my OO =_="
I didn't do it purposely lol ! fiuh~


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