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06 February 2011

Chinese New Year - Day Three

Hola !! Yesterday was the third day of CNY !!
Which is also the last day I spent my CNY in Indonesia.
Yaps..I am typing this from Singapore now..
How sad !! I want my Cinderella life back T-T

I woke up at around 1pm yesterday.
First destination was aunt lala's house.
She prepared a lot of food for us.
So kind of her =)

Got rendang Got curry Got steamboat Got chicken Got fish Got Crab
Hahaha it was a sumptuous meal !! Thanks aunt!

Then we continued our UNO game yesterday =)
Nonie lost the game! Hahaha...
She have to shout "wo ai ni" to his uncle lol

Btw, we received some photos we took the day before..
Yap a random reporter came and took some photos for us randomly.

Not complete !! a lot of people were missing..
my dad, my koko, my uncles etc..

These were only some of the photos lol

Spot me? Yah as what I've mentioned in my previous post.
Sis and I, we wore the same dress hehehe...

Anyway..after from aunt lala's place, we went for some visiting..
then we went to Bengkong, a famous seafood place in Batam for dinner.
We went there with my aunt's family. It was about 20 of us?
Dad felt generous yesterday hahaha..

Five humongous crabs

Some shells anyone?

Weird shape shell it was huge !

We choosed al fresco dining ckckck..

My coconut =p

After from the dinner, we dropped mum and bro home first..
then dad and I went to lucky plaza..
dad wanted to fix his watch AND THEN..
we went to buy martabak for supper !!

finally!! Hahaha...
Luckily mum didn't follow us..
Hahaha She will stop dad from doing that =P
(Mum want me to slim down MORE)

Sorry mum but I can't resist martabak =P
I even asked dad to buy 2 types Hahaha..

Famous martabak in Batam- Sari Eco

Martabak telor - with egg and beef inside

Martabak Keju - cheeseeeee!! SINFUL !!

Yummy yummy !!

After dinner,supper.
Time to count my angbaos Haha..
Mum helped me.. =P

My favorite angbao design..

So cute right !!!

This is also special...the material is suede one !!!

Btw, this was my attire of the day..

A Burberry dress that I've been dreaming of !!!

You like it?
You don't want to know how many changes I've made to this dress..
Hahaha as I mentioned before..
My size is special one lol..
I adjusted its width and its length

don't blame me though..
designer dress are all big in size..
they are mostly not meant for Asian sad sad..

I love the button =P

It was still to loose for me lol
gonna send it for alteration again =_="

as usual, camwhoring =P

half way through, I suddenly remember something !!

si mbek !! Hahaha a Burberry doll he got me last year...

How are you mbek? =)

He still looks fresh !

That wraps up my CNY trip to Indonesia..
once again.

We need to go back for work tomorrow.
A new day to start with.
Have a nice sleep ok!

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