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04 February 2011

Chinese New Year - Day One

Yesterday, I was forced to wake up at about 11.30 am.
Hahaha Mum only gave me 30mins for make up lols.
I hate to rush but it's okay..
I managed to put on my lens, fake lashes and etc smoothly though =)

Decided to wear this dress
Guess how much I spent for this dress?

Bloody $370 !! It fits nicely on me..It makes me slimmer too...
Plus It's made in Italy!! A designer dress and good material
so what can I say..Hahaha..
Worth it !

This is my nail for CNY...

Dark Grey and Silver + Crystal Diamond =P

nice? It costs me Rp 340.000 - about $50

considered expensive !! Because my sis did hers at only Rp 280.000 = $40

You can skip these pictures below Haha..
just some random picture of ME =P

ME before getting into the car lol

Can you spot ME?

MY make up of the day =)

Anyway, our first destination was ahma house..
Went there to gather with some of my aunts for a while..

Then we headed to relatives house...
While waiting for other relatives to arrive,
WE camwhore..Haahahaha.. =P

Sis wore her qi phao

papi mami

With cousins

Cousin-nese !! =P

Happy Chinese New Year Yah.. =)

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