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20 February 2011

Bloody Nail Art !

I was a full-time maid yesterday!

I swept, I mopped, I washed, I cleaned, I did most of the house-work =(

Thanks to him!! two of my acrylic nails came out =(

Thanks to Gucci who stepped on my nail, another acrylic nail came out =(

=( + =( + =( = 3x =(

No choice but to remove all my acrylic nails lol

For your info, so far, I've never try to use any chemical

to remove my acrylic huahua..

I took it out using a cutter / pen knife lol

(Not recommended of course! it's dangerous but what can I say..

It's the cheapest way)

Especially when your are annoyed!

I mean, imagine if it happens in the middle of the night..

how and where are you going to remove it lol

Does it hurt?

Not really, it's quite easy but it'll damage your nail

How did you do it?

Just separate your nail and the acrylic (kinda forcing it)

What will you do after that?

File away the glue or soak my nail in the nail polish remover.

Again, don't waste ! Hahaha

I cracked all my acrylic nails and took out all the rhinestone!

It's very easy and you save a lot of money!

You can use those rhinestones again.. =D =D =D

Sometimes, I prefer to have my natural nail instead of acrylic.

Because, when I am bored I can always remove my nail polish and do a new one!

Today, I am going to share about my new BLOODY nail.

I applied transparent+glittery nail polish for the base.

Click here for the brand.

Then I'll pour a sufficient amount of nail polish in a piece of paper

and draw *anything* with a toothpick.

In this case, I used TheFaceShop - RD 304

Now, show off your creativity !!

Huahuaaa these nail art below are EASY to draw..!!

Fee free to try =)

Stars, love-shape, flowers, ribbons, polka dots

(These are very basic nail art)

Do you like my new BLOODY nail? =)

I think it's quite cute !

I like the ribbons one! =)

Do you like my nail? =)

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  1. Its nice and I admire, but not into nails for me.


Thanks for your lovely comment!