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15 January 2011

What's in Irene's bag! =)

Before I start sharing about what's in my bag,
I'd like to share about this long sleeve shirt I got from Uniqlo !
A very cute shirt with a suspender and a bag printz!
A picture of me to start with hahaha..

Tada !!

I have two bags lol

I love the back ! I felt like a minnie mouse lol
Over-sized minnie muahaha...

You can get it too !! visit them at

Ok Now..
What's in my bags?

Some basic stuffs...
My Phone
Have I mentioned this? I bought N97 mini AGAIN! Hehehe..
(click here If you want to know the story)
This time round, I got the white one.. ^o^v

A mini card holder with all my membership card inside.

My Ez-link card and Student card in the charmmy kitty card cover.

Tissue and a rubber band.

My condominium access card - I blink it up! =)

This is random Haha..
some *Pink* colour member card of mine..

My Schedule Book

Passport (Yes! I bring it with me everywhere I go..)
(Click here for passport cover)
To enjoy tourist discount!
or just in case if I want to go to Casino again..
Hahahaha... (Click here for Casino)

My Gucci wallet (I love it)
It maintained slim even after I stuffed a lot of cards inside *amazing!*
(click here to find out how I got it)

My anna sui case with Kleenex Blotting paper in it.
(click here to see more)

And a Bad-Badtz-Maru coin pouch

This is woman-extra stuffs in the bag!
I didn't bring those with me when I go to campus (just some of them),
I bring ALL of them with me only when I go
OUTDOOR e.g: beach, USS, Zoo, etc..

Burberry Brit-sheer Lotion

Elseve hair mist - It have finished it YEARS ago
But, because I love the bottle so so much (material:glass)
I re-filled it again with liese after shower spray =)
(click here for liese)

An roll-on ointment oil-from mum!

Travel tube of lens water

Small bottle of Burberry Brit Sheer Parfume

A sheet of Biore make up Cleanser

A sachet of Ginvera shower gel

A Skin79 sample BB cream

A TheBodyShop Lipbalm

My lens =)

A lip gloss hanging on my bag-organizer

A pack of candy I got from daiso!

Yes, some voucher (I know, I am so auntie right muahaha)

Anna sui spec-holder

Just in case if I have a bad-eye-make-up day =P

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  1. wow everyone says there's too many things in my bag. but i think u more power! ;-)


Thanks for your lovely comment!