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01 January 2011

We Love Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Singapore!

We have been patronizing Jumbo!
Our current favorite outlet is this one !

Jumbo by The River Side =)
This time round,
we tried something different!
We ordered dishes what we never order.

Such as,

Lobster Dragon Fruit with caviar ! $16

Caviar omg!

Next, we had this lobster in butter and onion sauce

and, lobster in cheese sauce mamamiah~

Both lobster about 1.5 kg costs us whopping $150 ! O_0


Deep fried scallop w/ pear $18
Guess why did they ordered this?
Because, they watched too much "Hell's Kitchen" Muahaha..

As usual we ordered Chilli Crab at $58.30 plus mantou $4

We ordered sambal kangkong too...
With all the drinks, rice, tea, nuts, service charge, taxes and etc..

We spent about $300. Hm..we love the food. Base on what we ordered,
this amount is reasonable. However, it is too pricey for me haha!
Anyway, we enjoyed it! It's okay to have such meal once in a month!
For the rest of the day, we'll just have nasi lemak as meal haha..

Btw, these are his bros =)

Haha look at the pose lol

They gave us a Henken Trocken Champagne!
Yes! A complimentary sparkling wine =)
See ! I told you! I don't know why !
I have Free-gift luck haha =P


  1. LOL...his bro's pose looks weird...-.-


Thanks for your lovely comment!