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11 January 2011

Vivi Go Lens Review

Thanks to Http://
I received this lil cute pair of lens last week.
Remember the Geo Lens I introduced you guys last year?
(haha ok months ago)
Click here to flash back your memory in rene-memory-list =P

Anyway, this time round,
I have something even better than Geo Lens to share..
It's this Vivi Go Lens =)

Why is this better?
Because its Diameter is 15.5 mm BIG, it's bigger than Geo lens by 0,5 mm lol

Will expire in 2013
and its water content is 42% !!

Cute packaging ! I love it !

However, the colour is a bit light compare to Geo..
Btw, maybe it's because I choosed "Hyper Nudy Brown" Colour
and this is what I get..
nude colour..

This is me with my lenses ON
Can you see that?
It even goes out to my eye-white area. (I don't know what it's called)

Do I looks good with it?
You judge =)

Visit them. The spree is ending soon ! 20th of January 2011 =)

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