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17 January 2011

Universal Studio Singapore !


Massive pictures ahead ! Hahaha...!

My second visit to USS - Click here for my first visit

This is my first visit after USS officially open though..

We went to USS last few weeks. Remember?

As, we woke up late and we were like delaying the time planned,

Guess what time did we arrived at the USS?

3pm !! And when it was around 2, when I was still at home, I checked USS site..

and found out that "Ticket has sold out" *dissapointed*

So we tried our luck to go to the booth directly and we got it !! =)

*happy smile*

Price was $66 per pax. It was on Friday!

Include Entrance fee, a $5 dollar retail voucher, a $5 meal voucher

and 15% off - At Palio, Fiesta, Osia, Starz Restaurant (located outside USS)

The theme park was about 60%-70% full - not really very crowded.

Since this is my second visit, I'll talk more about the ride =)

The weather was great (a lil bit of rain - better than HOT)

We started our journey from the right side of USS.
We walk passed by New York and coincidentally,
There were some performances going on..
We decided to ignore and have our lunch first hahaha...

I didn't order dessert but they look yummy!

These were what we had lasagna, chicken wing, pizza !!

For a simple meal like this, it costs us $50 !!

with pizza hut, I can get more than those =(

Lights, Camera, Action (New York)

Basically this is a small studio that showcase what's behind our amazing movie !

Short introduction before it starts.

This is how the setting looks like..

When it start you can really feel wet (rain, flood)

then the heat (explosion), lighting effect (thunder) and etc..

I was quite amazed with it. I give this attraction 8/10.


while waiting for my taxi muahaha =P

Next highlight is this Accelerator (Sci- Fi City) - Boring !

This is me, excitingly queuing and regretted half-way hahaha...

Basically you just get to turn and turn and turn

just like those coffee cup ride in disneyland.

Hahaha this is them, looking stupid lol


We were looking forward to the Battlestar Galactica (Sci-Fi City)

Too bad it's not operating yet =(

Then we moved to the Egypt !

I love this picture, too bad the woman behind spoiled it =P

We had an amazing ride here !!!

Revenge of the Mummy (Ancient Egypt)

Basically it's something like a roller coaster the difference is that,

it's an indoor attraction, very dark and exciting !! Hahaha...

Picture explained! FML hahaha...

Spot us? Hahaha damn funny lol btw, we bought the picture at $15.90 ! =)

I love this attraction ! 9.5/10 !

Note: you need to put your belongings in the locker !

It's free of charge for the first 30mins (only for this attraction)

Treasure Hunters (Ancient Egypt) we skipped this.

We moved to The Jurassic Park - The Lost World !! Boy's favorite!

Andy came and join us at nearly 4 !! Hahaha..

Next is Canopy Flyer (The Lost World)

This is also an amazing ride...something like a roller coaster too..

Safe and thrill. 8/10 ! =)

Ancient Mosquito !

The boys !

We skipped this Dino Soarin’ (The Lost World)

It's more like for children haha not exciting =P

We also skipped the Amber Rock Climb (The Lost World) No time!

We missed the water world show =(

I am very sad!

Because, I heard it's a good show that we don't wanna miss..

Instead of this, we went to queue for..

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure (The Lost World)

While queuing..

Are you ready to get WET? Hahaha you can buy those raincoat at $2

there's a vending machine for the raincoat.

We risked it though..we didn't buy it.

You can see some of them wearing the coat in the picture below..

we queued for nearly AN HOUR for this!

that's why we missed the water show =(

This is a-worth-to-queue-for attraction !

Basically, you'll be sitting in the boat,

travel through rocky river, then to indoor (dark)

drop from high and get wet..

We Some of us...survived ! Muahaha..

Notice their wet pants? LoL !!

I rated it 8.5/10

Funny ! =)

Baby Dino!

Say bye bye to Jurassic Park !

He bought that Dino-Water-Bottle-with-coke-inside for $19.90 !

Now Now Now !! *scream*

It has been so long that I've never visit my castle !!

It has been a year? (after I graduated from TAS) Hahaha...

Now, The Princess is Back! Fatter lol Muahaha...

With random gangster she found on the street.. =P

Where's my servants? Where's my horse ride? *dreaming* ckckck..

Now, let's sit and relax a bit..

because, we're going to watch The Shrek 4D Adventure (Far Far Away)

The story was a bit long..

I am sorry, but I still prefer the 4D show in Disneyland HongKong Haha..

This is not bad though 7/10 =)

Me and My Dragon!

Bye castle !! =) I'll come back again..

Wanna have some potion?

Mango. Guava. Fruit Punch were the choices.

$12.90/potion-portion-bottle =)

And wala ! It turns dark..and we missed some rides and shows

as it closed at 7pm huhuhuhu...;

Magic Potion Spin (Far Far Away)

It's okay because it's mainly for children -Indoor flyer.

Enchanted Airways (Far Far Away)

(*crying* I missed this!) - Something like a roller coaster.

King Julien’s Party-Go-Round: (Madagascar)

-It's okay. It's just a carousel =P

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure (Madagascar) - Coming Soon

It's a River boat ride; indoor.

Then lastly, we missed these two shows too..

Pantages Hollywood Theatre and Donkey: LIVE! show

Anyway, even we missed some rides and shows,

I am still glad that we went ! Hahaha...It was a fun day! =)

We bought this picture at $12.90!

Then Hola....Hollywood in the nights !

Do I looks cool? =P

Random farmer

Random construction worker

Now, it's dinner time ! We have it at this China Bistro !

Hungry Hungry Hungry !!!

A dragon that welcome us upon entering..

A picture click!


BBQ combination

Hot Chocolate

Steam Cod Fish !

KangKong and a soup !


$127 for those.

Lastly the firework !!! at 9pm =)

That's it !

Ehya I forget to mention about our shopping !!

Can you see him holding a lot of plastic bags?

In front of Beverly Hill's garage..

Stay tune! I'll share about it on my next post..

See you again next time USS !!

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