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23 January 2011

Shopping in Singapore and tips on redeeming samples !

Hey girls !! CNY is coming!!

I believe you girls out there are VERY BUSY now..

Haha either busy for school, work or SHOPPING !!

I, Myself have been quite busy, my schedules are quite packed.

I've been going down to town last week

Reason: to collect all the dresses I bought ! Hahaha..

Yes, my size is very special one. I need to alter all my dresses..

Muahaha...luckily alteration for all my dresses were FREE =D

Btw just an update on my current weight

I am 48.4 kg as per today 23 Jan 11

The slimmer I am, the more dress I bought and am going to buy..

Hahahaha so slimmer is not really a good news.

It's a disaster to my wallet. WAR !! LOL !!

My heaviest weight was 53 kg !! which mean I lose almost 5 kg muahaha..

I am still fat though duh...45 kg is my ideal weight..

But it seems impossible haha so I set my target at 47kg ckck..

I'll share my tips on slimming soon !! =)

Anyway ! So..

This is one of the dresses that I fell in love with..

A white dress w/ sleeve and diamante!!

The lace printz is also nice !! I love it =)

Now, let me give you some tips on shopping!!

I guess you girls (especially for lady tourists from Indonesia)

are familiar with Far East Plaza, Orchard and Bugis.

These places are like -THE ONLY SHOPPING PLACE IN SGP-

Muahaha so boring !

Actually NO !!

There are many places in Singapore

that you can go and hunt your dresses !!

My recent find are;

The International Plaza, Raffles Place (OUB, The chevron, etc)

These are some malls that's located within central business district (CBD)

CBD is the place where all the tai tai, ceo, manager, working people are !!

So, you can find many top quality, high class, rare design dresses there !!

sometimes branded !! =)

However, the prices are quite high (if you don't mind)

cheapest is $70,

average price is $160 and above,

the most expensive $ 1k and above?

but what I'd say is...

The dresses are all WORTH for money !!

I don't want to wear same dress with somebody on CNY

you can imagine how awkward is that right!!

CNY is the period where you'll meet MANY people..

Not only that !! Same thing for every year !! people will judge you..!!

"Ey...Irene you're slimmer wor..."

"Aiyo Irene why so fat"

Hahaha.. So !! wear your best during CNY !!

Another place recently my classmate suggested me is Haji Lane.

I've never been there but I am going to visit there soon!

Stay tune! =)

In addition, these are some items I redeemed from The Sample Store !!

Only need to pay $2.99 for delivery fee..

1. A mouth rinse by Listerine

2. Oil blotter by Kleenex

3. A Ginvera mask

4. A Sasatinnie mascara (retail size) worth $29.90

And you can redeem all these for FREE

Now..let me give you some tips on redeem sample !!

I'll usually redeem sample that is in Travel size, Bottle size, Retail size !!

Because you're paying $2.99 for delivery fee !

So of course you want something that's worth it..

Most samples are in sachets form. It's good to redeem too.

But it's not really worth it. =)

There's a description in every product that you redeem...

These are some examples...

Liese Bubble Hair Colour - Retail size !! - Free !!

Too bad, sample has been fully redeemed. =)

Svenson Advance Hair Booster (spray bottle)

also fully redeemed ! Hoho good things always gone fast..

Next is this latest sample !!

Cyber colors - SPF 30 PA++ BB Aqua Balm - Retail size worth $29.90 !

You can choose the color, either natural/ivory


you need to act fast girls =)

How to redeem?

1. Register an account with TheSampleStore Click HERE

2. Fill in your paticular

3. Redeem your samples (remember my tips) - can redeem 4 samples each time.

4. Check out

5. Pay $2.99 delivery fee ( ibanking/paypal )

6. Wait for your item to arrive =)

Align Center
They have samples with free delivery too !!
which mean you don't need to pay for anything !!
Just redeem, check out and wait =)

Enjoy girls ! =) I hope this post is useful for you !

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