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23 January 2011

Singapore Poly Canteen

Last week I went to Singapore Poly

as our group need to find some information from the library.

We had our lunch there.

Guess what? there were loads of nice food !! OMG !!

Luckily I wasn't with SP last time. Hahaha..

My Malay Mixed Rice $2 only and Teh Peng

( I used to think that Teh Peng is disgusting ) Haha

I think it's because Indonesian always have Teh-O-Beng instead of Teh Peng !

and now, I love Teh peng! but still prefer Teh-O-Beng ckck..

Look at my tissue cover so cute !! =D

I am ready for this week.

Need to work hard for project =) CNY is coming!!

I need to finish most of the project before holiday!

I hope everything will go smooth..

Enjoy life ! Work hard and play hard =D

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