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25 January 2011

Shopping in Universal Studios Singapore !

If you're my loyal reader,

you should know that I went to Universal Studios Singapore early of this year !! =)

Click here if you're my new reader or if you wish to read about the trip.

Today I am going to share about what I bought from the trip..

Tadaaa !!! Yes we bought a lot of thing !!!

But honestly, I regretted !

Because some of my friends are working in USS !!

and they can get 20% off !!

duh I should have asked my friend to buy it for me instead..

Hahaha I believe the money I get from the 20% off

can be used for a meal or an entrance fee !!

Anyway! These are some of the Dino's shirts they bought..

price were about $30-$35/each

Dino's mugs! Yeah they are Dinosaurs Big Fans!

Prices about $20-$30/each

These are mine !!! I love Betty boop!

and look at them..


$5.90 for the magnet, $30-$35 for the bathroom accessories

Hahaha so bitchy! I love it =P

Some King Size Chocolates.. =)

Muahaha someone bought this. =P

We bought some photos too..

Now, other than all the merchandises I shared above,

I am going to share about some infos

that most of you out there are not aware of (I think)

Do you know that you can enter USS for S$5 only?


In fact, it used to be S$2 ! They increased the price to S$5 recently.


Picture source:

Hollywood After Hours features the Lake Hollywood Spectacular show!

Dine and shop at Universal Studios Singapore®'s Hollywood zone

from 7:00pm to 10:00pm every Friday and Saturday for only $5 per entry.

At 9:30pm you’ll get to watch the Lake Hollywood Spectacular

an incredible new pyrotechnics show set to a brilliant musical score

that will burst across the night sky right in front of you!

In addition, present your "After Hours Entry Ticket"

to enjoy 15% discount off your total bill at the following outlets

(Unlimited usage per day):
- KT’s Grill (Universal Studios Singapore)
- Hollywood China Bistro (Universal Studios Singapore)
- OSIA (FestiveWalk)
- Fiesta (Festive Hotel)
- Palio (Hotel Michael)
- Starz Restaurant (Hard Rock Hotel Singapore)

Ticket Sales: Limited same day ticket sales starts from 6:30pm

at Universal Studios Singapore ticket booths.

Source : Universal Studios Singapore Website'

In summary:

Picture source:

Hollywood after hour ticket price is S$5/pax

The ticket is only available from 6.30pm every Friday and Saturday.

You need to queue at the booth to buy the ticket.

You get to DINE, SHOP and ENJOY firework at 09.30pm

How about the ride? They are all close !!

You can only walk around and take photos at Hollywood and New York area.

It's not really a bad deal though.

You get to dine in it and enjoy 15% off your meal!!

It's good if you have limited budget and yet

still wish to go in and have some USS experiences=)

Click here for the Video

Again, I hope this post is useful for you =)

In fact, I hope my every post is useful for you ! Hehehe..

Nite ! Zzz...


  1. Gosh! You bought soooo much things. I haven't even been to USS. D:

    *poor student* hahaha

  2. I can't exactly remember the shop at Hollywood blvd where I bought somep Tshirts and memorabilia. But the items were very good and nice in quality as well.


Thanks for your lovely comment!